Review the passport or any other document describing the technical characteristics of your digital camera. This is necessary in order to make sure that you can use the camera as a web camera. For this view, if your camera output, which is used to connect to a TV to view photos and videos. Further, if there is such a possibility, find a USB cable and use it to connect the camera to the computer. Before that, install the appropriate software driver, which is usually included on the disc supplied with the camera.
Install the software. Then download from the Internet the program ManyCam and also install it on your personal computer. By itself, the installation process will take you less than 20 seconds. It does not require any special skills, and as a consequence much effort. To connect the camera as a web camera, locate the entrance to the video capture device. It could be the video card, the adapter or the tuner with a video output. Check live images and run the program ManyCam. Then select the signal source and start the tuning image quality. In order to transmit video in Skype, go to the ManyCam program to menu "Tools", then select "Video Source". If the video transmission will occur with a delay, distortion or any other noise, repeat the whole operation again.
Adjust the sensitivity of the camera directly in its settings to achieve maximum image quality. To use a digital camera as a webcam is possible, but keep in mind that it is quite energy-intensive operation that will require performing a large number of successive operations.