Advice 1: How to use a DVR as the camera

To fix the situation on the road car drivers are installed the DVR. Because its main function is to shooting video, the device can be used IV as a normal camera.
How to use a DVR as the camera
Select and purchase one of the special models, multifunctional DVRs, which can be used as a portable compact camera. One of the most famous devices of this type is the DVR Highscreen Black Box Outdoor. Without connected screen this device looks like a cylinder, one end of which has the lens and the other panel with HDMI and miniUSB, connectors for two microphones, a slot for memory card and switch between the different resolutions videos.
A feature of this device is the presence of multiple fasteners through which the DVR can be used for doing a variety of shooting conditions. This holders for car, motorcycle handlebar or bike helmet or any flat surfaces.
Insert the memory card device of sufficient size and begin shooting video, hold the cylinder with a camera in hand or attaching it to the head. However, she will appear as a compact device for capturing form GO-PRO, so it's unlikely people will be able to understand that you are using the car recorder, but not normal cell.
You can use for simple video shooting and other models of car recorders. For this, they should be easy to carry and have a removable attachment. In addition, an important the amount of memory available for recording videos: simple recorders often support a memory card of small volume, since the road shooting is not very much space.
Use the device that support a memory card of 16 Gb and above. Pay attention to the angle of the DVR: if it is wide enough, you will be comfortable to shoot. Simple and inexpensive models typically remove only a small space in front of you, allowing you to use them only in the car.
DVRs can be used as outdoor surveillance cameras. To do this, purchase a device with recording function the interval. Make sure that it allows you to shoot over a long period of time. You can configure it to turn through a certain period and work for 1-2 hours, after which it will again go in standby mode.
Compact model DVRs are often used as web camera, connected to computer or laptop via a USB port. Pay attention to devices with a flexible stem and a convenient stand to comfortably position the camera in front of your face. Some models only work with computer software, for example, WebcamDV.

Advice 2: How to connect DVR

Video surveillance systems are quickly gaining not only offices but also private houses and flats, ensuring the safety and comfort of their inhabitants.

To access data of DVR from a computer or the Internet, you must perform the following steps:

  1. In order to connect the DVR to an Ethernet network (LAN) you can use either the standard cable is a twisted pair, through which the DVR is attached to a network switch or a wire, compressed according to the scheme "cross" to connect directly to the network card of a personal computer. Typically, the DVR came with software that allows you to control it from your computer after you connect to a network or directly to computer.

  2. To connect the DVR via the Internet you will need a static IP address associated with the DVR, which should be the access control device.

  3. After connecting to the local network with access to the Internet, specify the name and password that will allow access to live video and device management.

  4. Now to connect the DVR to the computer located in the Internet at any point of the planet, very simple. Start your browser, enter the IP address of the device. The user will be prompted to download client software. After the download is complete can enter a name and password to access the data, and you can view the recorded device information. After entering the admin username and password, the user will be able to even remotely control the device.

To eliminate possible problems that may appear when connected to the DVR, try the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the data logger is set to save network settings and enabled web service.

  2. Verify that the IP address of the Registrar is available. You can do this by using the ping command: enter at the command line (invoked from the start menu — Run, or by pressing Win+R) ping, replacing the crosses value of the IP address of the device.

  3. If the logger is connected directly to the computer, verify that the network cable is compressed according to the scheme "cross", otherwise the device will not be discovered in the network.

Advice 3: How to connect camera surveillance

In our turbulent times the use of different surveillance systems have become an integral part of life. Cameras are everywhere: at work, in shops, cars and ATMs. To install such a camera is not difficult, and the information send to the computer from which then it will be convenient to view the entry.
How to connect camera surveillance
Install the camera outdoor surveillance, according to the instructions. Connect it using the cable supplied. However, there are video cameras that connect via a network cable and switch. Therefore, before you purchase the camera surveillance, ask the consultant how and what to connect the selected device.
Well hide and insulate the wires leading from the camera to the computer to avoid accidental breakage or damage from natural factors (wind, rain, cold).
Connect the camera to the computer. To do this, plug the cable into the cable connector to your LAN. The operating system will automatically detect the new device and will require drivers for its installation. Use the software CD that is also included in the kit.
Insert the disk into your computer and install all the components. After the installation is complete on your desktop will appear a shortcut from the camera - click it twice and run the program. In the service tab, make the necessary settings.
Specify the folder in which you save all recordings from the camera surveillance. On the drive that contains this folder, there should be more free space. Recommended even to use a separate virtual disk for this purpose. In the case of infection by computer viruses or system error the disk can be encrypted.
Use licensed software to prevent the possibility of breaking your system videosurveillance via Internet. When properly connected the camera to the computer, there will be constant monitoring of the protected area. Thus, you can protect your home, work or car from unwanted intrusion.

Advice 4: How to choose a DVR for vehicle

DVR is an essential attribute of any modern car. It greatly facilitates the analysis of any disputes that may arise on the road. DVR can help to prove innocence in an accident or to help in a dispute with the inspector.
How to choose a DVR for vehicle

One of the most important parameters when choosing a DVR is the way of attaching it. The stronger it is, the less chance that critical moment, the device will detach itself from the glass. In the usual models used two ways of fastening: on the suction Cup and double adhesive tape. The suction Cup is less reliable, since the changes in temperature and humidity can easily fall off and over time the mount weakens.

In addition to the method of fastening, must pay attention to the optical part of the recorder. It needs to have a sufficiently large angle from 90 to 140 degrees to capture several lanes in front of the car. It is desirable that the resolution of the recorded video was as much as possible, this is one of the most important characteristics affecting the quality of the picture. Best of all, if will start recording in HD 1280x720.

You must also pay attention to the frequency of the recording. It should be no lower than 25 fps. at the nominal resolution of the instrument. Very handy when the recorder has several modes recording speed, i.e. on the Parking it removes, for example, 10K/sec. but the motion – 25K/sec. This makes it possible to achieve significant savings of space on the memory card.

Another characteristic of the DVR is the maximum memory card capacity that it can support. Than this value the better. Also a very important video format. This is usually MPEG4 or H. 264. The last one is preferable because each frame in this format takes 2 times less space. In addition, you must choose a DVR with a large matrix size. Have good devices with HD recording it is usually 1/2 or 1/1.8 inch.

A very important characteristic that people should pay attention when choosing the DVR, is the climatic version. In conditions of Russian winter, it is necessary that the device can withstand the temperature drop to -30, and it is better to -40 degrees.

It is also desirable that the DVR has the following additional features: - built-in monitor;
- auto start/off video recording when you start/stop of the engine;
-fixing the time, date;
- sound recording.

More expensive models can be equipped with a GPS receiver for determining coordinates of the vehicle via the satellite, as well as mode night mode with IR illumination. GPS allows you to view the vehicle's route on the map.

Only well-chosen device can provide high-quality video, which really can become evidence in a dispute. Therefore, it is better not to save on the DVR, because the cheap device is simply a pointless purchase, which can be very expensive in the future.

Advice 5: How to use DVR

Video recorder is useful device, locking from inside the car what is happening on the road. The use of this device has its own characteristics, knowing that you can protect yourself and your car in an emergency.
How to use DVR
Select a suitable location to install the DVR. It is important that it is not closed you an overview. It is best to install it in such a way that the device was imperceptible from the outside. This will help to avoid malicious attempts to steal it, and avoid disputes with the inspectors, who are often asked to turn off the recording device. The best places to mount are the car DVR rearview mirror, the Central part of the windshield and lamp Central lighting of the interior. To attach the camera better on tape. In this case, it will hold in the cabin longer and will not change his position at sharp maneuvers of the machine.
Make sure the DVR has the proper review. He needs to see everything that happens on the road in front of the car. It is better to use a device with a wide viewing angle that the camera captured not only the hood. The ideal is 180 degrees. In this case, the camera will capture, for example, the employee of traffic police, who will approach the car from the side. It is also important that the camera captured the area of the ditch and road signs, in the event of an accident you had as much evidence in their favor.
Use the main features of the DVR for examination of events, one way or another affect your rights. To apply the device with the function of G-sensor. In this case, the recording will start immediately after the start of the path and automatically stop in case of a sudden stop or crash. Immediately after the occurrence of any event copy the entry from the DVR to the computer and external storage media. Please submit one copy of the recording of events to the inspector and to the court, leaving one of the copies. This will ensure its safety in case of loss or failure is one of the participants in the process of its consideration.

Advice 6: How to use old smartphone

Sooner or later there comes a time when any gadget is losing relevance. Users often find themselves in a situation that the new device got a gift or the owner himself decided to buy it. Anyway the question is what to do with old smartphone? Do not rush to throw out or give away at a pawn shop for pennies because the old gadget you can find lots of ways to use!
How to use old smartphone

Price range of modern mobile devices is a pretty broad spectrum. This is especially true of devices running on Android OS, because of budget decisions on this OS very much. Because of this, the need to find a use for an old gadget owners of Android occurs more often. So we will talk about this OS, although similar solutions can be found for iOS.

Media player

Even the cheapest smartphone has a feature set that matched is not a cheap player: support memory card, read almost all popular video and audio formats, Wi Fi, Bluetooth and so on. Just have to set a bigger memory card and buy good headphones. And headphones you can use and wireless, thanks to Bluetooth. Most devices are supplied with an installed audio player, although you can download one that like. If smartphone quality display, it can be used as a portable video player.


For modern smartphones there are many apps e-readers and their features they are no worse than the e-book. The old smartphone can be equipped with collection of books and to configure a smartphone for reading, deleting from memory all unnecessary programs and files, causing the device will work much more efficiently. But if you are keen on reading, then it is better to buy a real e-book, because it screen technology is aimed at reducing the burden on the eyes.

Wi-Fi router

Most Android smartphones are able to distribute the mobile Internet via Wi-Fi. Similar functioning devices are a lot for its role, so such use can be quite profitable. Also the latest version of Android "taught" to be a smartphone as a wifi modem the Internet was adopted by Wi-fi and is transmitted by wire to the computer or laptop.

Web/IP camera

Use old smartphone as security camera is a great idea. There are many applications for these purposes, such as SmartCam: the program is cross-platform, able to connect to the computer via Bluetooth and IP. And the battery in the smartphone will allow you to use our camera even in places where there is no mains supply and the portable battery will significantly increase the use time. Of course, an old smartphone can completely replace a web camera, if you such is not present. Moreover, you can communicate with a computer by installing the same SmartCam, and with the smartphone, because it has a microphone and front camera.

Bedroom alarm clock

Normal room alarms with a set of functions that can offer your old smartphone often are not cheap. Unlike the standard system clock, program, alarm clock, AdyClock, for example, may be constantly displayed on the screen. Moreover, there is an opportunity to fine-tune's display contents, the brightness, the design, the autostart when charging and even save the screen from premature wear. And the setup is like DVBeep can teach the smartphone to say the time out loud.

Car GPS Navigator/DVR

Buy universal holder for smartphone, install, and plug into the cigarette lighter and you're done. Moreover, the program can automatically start when connected to the charging means when the ignition is on. As maps navigation you can select checked Navitel, and as a DVR DailyRoads Voyager. Don't forget to set the time out screen below after turning off the ignition, the screen just doesn't light up and didn't put the battery.

Gadget for travel

If you are engaged in extreme tourism, it is possible your old smartphone to turn to an assistant. Maps, GPS, camera, relationship - all this is available in most devices and can help on the road, and save a new gadget at home integrity.

Experimental device

If you have a new smartphone, the old may well be suitable for experiments. For example, it is possible to try various new programs and firmware without fear of losing any data.

A new device

If you have the skills, you may wish to collect a new device based on an old smartphone, such as the music center: find/make the case, install power supply, amplifier and output wires to the speakers. With proper teamwork a bit, but the result is excellent: your device will have a set of wireless modules, touch screen Internet access with the ability to stream playback, and read almost any format to digital form. Old smartphone can even be used in homemade microscope with a recording material and output it on the big screen in HD.

The division of tasks between these devices according to their characteristics, can significantly optimize your work. Do not limit your imagination, and your old smartphone can come back to life.

Advice 7: How to connect to a security camera

Camera surveillanceare undoubtedly the most reliable means to always be aware of events occurring at home, at work or at their summer cottage during your absence. For signal transmission from the camera to the DVR the coaxial cable is the most common television cable, which connect antennas and satellite dishes.
How to connect to a security camera
Attach the coaxial cable to the wall using fastener "Christmas tree". This is the easiest and cheapest way, and fasteners can be found in any hardware store.
Attach the power wire of the camera to coaxial cable with nylon cable ties (they are quite durable and resistant to atmospheric conditions).
Use the BNC connector (NBC) to connect the signal to the camera surveillance. To connect NBC-connector to coaxial cable, you need a special adapter - F-connector. To do that, strip the cable insulation from PVC, bite the copper core that she went outside of the connector by about 3-4 mm, screw the bayonet connector to F-connector and rewind the base tape for a more secure installation.
Connect the cable to camera CCTV for the DVR with one moaning or video capture cards. For this you'll need to attach the connector to the power cable. All types of cameras of video surveillance , there is one standard power socket, which eliminates the extra searches required connector. Previously, all the connectors were exceptionally solder, that is, first had to learn to handle a soldering iron to connect the wire to the connector. Now you just have to Unscrew the screws of the terminals with a small screwdriver, insert the stripped insulation from the power wire "+" or "-" (blue or red) and tighten the terminals back.
Hide the node mounting the power junction box that is installed, usually near the camera. This will help to protect the wires from adverse weather conditions, dust, and just to keep the overall aesthetic appearance. In the case dome cameras CCTV supply unit is hiding, usually in the ceiling over the camera.
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