To represent someone's interests in court are legal representatives (parents, adoptive parents, guardians), attorneys appointed by the court, and capable citizens whose credentials are appropriate, that is, persons having a power of attorney for representation.
The power of attorney may be executed and notarised. This citizen needs a representative, you should contact the notary office with their own passport and passport details of the person whom he shall designate to represent their interests in court.
The right to certify the power of attorney is also the organization where working (studying) the Trustee. If the principal is in a health care institution to certify the power of attorney has the right to the administration of this medical institution. Similar is the case with the military, military educational institutions and military units.
The power of attorney may be issued at the place of residence and certified by the authorised employees of the housing Department and the partnership of housing owners, housing, consumer or housing-construction cooperative.
To certify the power of attorney also have a right to the head of local administration and specially authorised officers of local authorities. The chiefs of places of imprisonment shall certify a power of attorney in the case, if the Trustee is in prison. If the beneficiary is in the institution of social protection, the attorney shall certify the administration of that institution.
The power of attorney may be given a complete list of the procedure has the right to engage the representative, on behalf of the principal, or only part of them. When drafting a power of attorney must determine whether the representative is endowed with the right of delegation of their rights to draw up a power of attorney to third parties and for what period of time the representative is entitled to represent the interests of the principal. If the period is not specified, it is considered that the power of attorney is issued for one year. The maximum validity of proxy – three years.