Feet in flight, usually very much swollen, so you need to abandon high heels and narrow shoes. First, it will cause discomfort, and secondly, if you take off my shoes during a long flight, you risk not to squeeze into shoes before going out. Depending on the time of year you can give preference to competitive shoes without lacing, ugg boots, ballet flats or espadrilles. Sandals – not always a good option for the plane, because sometimes the air conditioning is working at full capacity and feet will be very cold. For this reason, it is recommended to take a flight warm woolen socks.

As for airport security, preference should be given to shoes that can be quickly removed and worn. It is recommended to be in thin socks, as not all airports are the results of Shoe covers during the inspection, and barefoot walking on the floor, which had already passed thousands of people, not very hygienic.

If the flight is planned, it is advisable to abandon metal ornaments that are sure to be ringing in the inspection: they will have to take and pass the examination again. The same applies to clothing with a lot of rivets and metal buttons.

In the cold season you need to think about outerwear. A fur coat or a sheepskin coat would be problematic to remove on the shelf, so it is better to prefer the comfortable and compact jackets. In the heat it is necessary to consider that the plane in contrast to the street is very cold, so you need to have at hand a lightweight sweater. Air conditioners can be in the waiting room, so warm clothes will be useful there. The whole flight, especially long, you need to choose not too easily soiled and not crease things. They should be spacious, so the body is not swollen, then a flight pass comfortably and quietly.