Think ahead about what you can do to occupy themselves during the flight, so as not to suffer from boredom and not clog the head painful thoughts. The best option is to take on Board a couple of interesting books. Grab a collection of crosswords, puzzles for solving them the time will fly by. If you enjoy drawing, take a large notebook or album, pencils and markers. Women who love to sew or knit, consider that the needles, scissors and even knitting needles can be selected when you enter the security area of the airport.
If the flight falls on night time, try simply sleep. Of course, airplane seat isn't the most comfortable bed, but it is possible to take a NAP. If you are afraid of flight, shortly before landing take a pill sedatives or drink alcohol. But just a little. Unfortunately, there are cases when the passenger, trying thus to pluck up the courage then came to the police for the massacre on Board the brawl.
When sleep fails, I can listen to music (of course, using headphones to not disturb others), or watch a movie on the laptop.
If you are traveling with a young child, remember that it will be very difficult to sit still in one place. So that he did not suffer himself, but at the same time did not torture you or others should think, can be entertained in flight. Bring his favorite toys, coloring books, etc. from time to Time allow the child to walk down the aisle, to stretch the legs. Require only that he did not run, because it prevents passengers and flight attendants.
To not have numb feet, unlace or remove the shoes, rotate feet at the ankle joints, pull socks on itself, and from itself. Sometimes get up, take a few steps back and forth down the aisle. If you get motion sickness, before takeoff, take a pill "Gramini" or similar.
Try to talk to neighbors in the row. Maybe you have common interests. In conversation will take some time. And there lunch, which you must feed. In short, a long flight would seem not so tedious.