Observe all precautions which demonstrate the flight attendants before takeoff. Some passengers ignore this point, and in a critical situation don't know what to do, panicking and creating an uncomfortable situation. It seems that the precautionary measures and behaviour in critical situations will be useless if there is a real danger of the crash. But even this situation as turbulence requires passengers to execution of all instructions. You must take your seat and buckle up. After all, when you hit turbulence the aircraft can not just shake, it may be a vibration and rocking that unfastened the passenger will just "fly" through the cabin.
Follow the instructions of the flight attendants and crew members. If you are asked to turn off cell phones and electronic devices during takeoff and landing, it is done only to ensure the safety of the flight. After the climb, you can turn on laptops, tablets and e-books, but not surf the Internet.
Do not create inconvenience to other passengers. Often the reason for conflicts is the tilting of the seat back. Before you do, check the back seat people if they. It happens that somebody's children, somebody using a folding table for meals, and in some aircraft, the seats are so close to each other that if in front of a seated passenger toss back, back just no place to stretch my legs. If you are traveling with children, at the reception, ask them to put you on the front seat.
Limit your movement around the cabin. If you need to go to the dressing room, do it at a time when flight attendants are not carrying drinks and Lunches. Otherwise there are often queues in the cabin due to the fact that in a narrow corridor, impossible to miss.
Do not take on Board alcoholic beverages except those that will be offered to you by the staff. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol does not contribute to the lighter flights. It is only possible to relax a little and dull the sense of fear. But your body, on the contrary, will get a double load. He and experiencing serious congestion and pressure, and in addition will receive another need to cope with alcohol in the blood. You can drink a little red wine that you will offer, and spirits Express to celebrate the arrival on earth.