You will need
  • - the garment bag;
  • - a thick towel;
  • - the hanger;
  • cover for clothing.
The best option for transporting suits – high-quality garment bag. If you have to travel, think about purchasing such accessory. The garment bag can be easily stowed one or two of the costume and the necessary additions to it – fresh shirts and ties.
Choose a comfortable model, good locking clothes inside. The holdall does not need to be checked – it is allowed to carry in the cabin. Do not try to stuff extra things, especially food and alcohol purchased for the road. The suit can permanently wrinkle or get dirty.
If you don't have a garment bag, pack the costume in a suitcase. The pants fold in half in length and roll into a tight roll, starting with the cuffs. Don't forget to remove all items from his pockets – they can warp the fabric. Jacket button, put back up and slide back the sleeves, folded them in at the shoulder seam. On top place a thick towel and fold the jacket in half. Now it can be placed on the bottom of the suitcase – Terry cloth will not form sharp folds which are very difficult to smooth out.
If you are traveling by plane, pack the pants into the suitcase, and the upper part of the suit wear, matching it with jeans and a pullover. In the salon take off your jacket and ask the stewardess to hang it in a special Cabinet in the cabin. Usually there is wear passengers the business class, but elegant gentleman usually do not give up, especially if he will Express his request in a very polite manner. Don't forget to pick put clothes on before leaving the plane.
The unexpected happened and you were rejected? Remove your jacket, fold it in half in length, carefully straightening his sleeves, and put on the Luggage rack. Make sure that the neighbors in the cabin is not put on top of a couple heavy bags.
If you arrive by car, grab a hanger or garment bag. Hang the suit in the cabin – it will retain its impeccable appearance. The hanger can be placed and a shirt with a tie.
Arriving to the destination, unpack the suit and hang it on a hanger. Do not put it in the closet – things need to crack down under its own weight. The ruffled pants can be ironed on your own or to contact service service. Correctly transferred the jacket to be ironed is usually not needed.