There used to be a dress code for travel in the plane. Gentlemen wore jackets and ties, and ladies – modest dresses. Children dressed in their best outfits. Today the rules are more democratic – you are free to dress as you want, but it is advisable to treat this practical.
Choosing clothes for air travel, prefer only natural materials and fabrics that give the skin a chance to breathe. All things should be as convenient as possible. Refrain from tight jeans, tight sweaters, mini-skirts or dresses. Avoid any tight fitting clothing as it may cause the so-called "syndrome of economy class" (deep vein thrombosis). Shorts are also not suitable, because even in the summer when the air conditioning in the cabin can become cool. It is better to wear a Jogging suit, comfortable pants with a t-shirt or leggings. You should not choose bright clothes, in the way it gets dirty quickly. On dark fabrics the stains are not so noticeable. Pay special attention to underwear – it must be made only from natural fabrics.
If you're travelling in winter in a hot country, wear on the plane autumn shoes and a windbreaker and outerwear put in a bag and take with you to the salon. You can also leave warm clothes in the storage room and give to the mourners.
Regardless of how much time will last the flight, wear comfortable shoes without heels or platforms. In any case, don't choose stilettos – they are extremely uncomfortable heels can get stuck in the escalator, you can lose your balance in the cabin, and during the emergency landing, it will be impossible to go down the slide. Do not wear new shoes, even if it's comfortable shoes without a heel. Sneakers are not the best choice: maybe you will have much time to take them off during the flight, and the laces in this case, only hinder. Therefore, the ideal option for women will be ballet flats or moccasins, for men shoes without laces.
Before the flight, do not use perfume, toilet water or deodorants with a strong smell. Remember that the interior is sealed, it circulates the same air. Passengers are unlikely to appeal to the strong smell. Don't do complicated hairstyles for the flight, the hair in any case will lose its appearance. Therefore it is better to sprinkle the air conditioning and collect them in the tail.