You will need
  • Wi-Fi router
  • Wi-Fi adapter
  • network cable
  • computer
The easiest and most obvious way is to connect the Internet cable into the LAN port of the network card of the laptop. Then configure the network connection in accordance with the requirements of the provider.
Purchase a Wi-Fi router. Connect it to the cable Internet through the WAN (Internet) port. Further, based on the user manual to the router and connectivity requirements of your ISP, configure the access point to the Internet router. Connect the laptop to the router using wireless Wi-Fi network.
How to connect your laptop to wired Internet
If your home is a computer that has Internet access, you can use it as a switch or a Wi-Fi router. Buy a second network card for your computer. Connect the laptop to a PC using a network cable. In the settings of the new network on the computer, enter the IP address, and the laptop is Turn on in the settings of the Internet connection on the computer sharing for a new local network.
How to connect your laptop to wired Internet
Purchase a Wi-Fi adapter for computer. It can be either usb or PCI device. Or configure it as a access point Wi-Fi and allow her to connect through this computer's Internet. Or create a wireless LAN, a laptop computer, and open it for Internet access.
How to connect your laptop to wired Internet