You will need
  • - Wi-Fi adapter.
To create a local network between computer and laptop is possible in two ways. To ensure the greatest speed the exchange of information is recommended to create a wired network. To maintain the portability of a notebook – wireless. In that case, if you chose the second option, purchase a Wi-Fi adapter.
Then connect the device to the PCI slot of the motherboard or USB port depending on the type purchased adapter. Install the drivers for the hardware.
Open the control center network and sharing. Go to the menu "Manage wireless adapters. Click "Add". To navigate to the settings menu network click Next.
Enter the name of the future network. Select the data encryption (WEP or WPA-PSK). Set the password corresponding to the selected security type. Activate the function "Save settings network". Click "Next" and then "Finish".
Open the properties for the wireless adapter. Navigate to the configuration Protocol of the Internetand TCP/IPv4. Set a static IP address for this device, equal to
Open the settings for connecting to the Internetfrom this computer. Go to the tab "Access". Allow your wireless network to use this connection to the Internet.
Turn on the laptop. Activate and search for wireless networks. Connect to your Wi-Fi access point. Open the settings of the wireless adapter. Set the following values for the required items in this menu:- IP address;
- – default gateway;
- – alternative and preferred DNS servers.
Disconnect from the Internetom on the first computer. Make the connection again. Make sure you have access to the Interneton the laptop.