You will need
  • There are a number of special exercises that will help you learn how to pronounce the letter "W".
Sit in front of a mirror. This will help you to control the correct position of the lips, tongue and teeth.Lift a wide tip of the tongue to the front of the sky, but do not press language to the sky. The side edges of the tongue should touch the upper molars. The language should be slightly relaxed. Lips pull forward, mimicking an elephant's trunk. The teeth should not be closed, there should be a gap. Evenly inhale. Bring a hand to her mouth. On the exhale, "will precipite" the sound "sh", resembling the sound of a blown bulb. The pronunciation "sh" on the palm of your hand should feel warm air jet.
Open your mouth wide and place the relaxed tongue to lower lip. Pat the language of her lips, alternately pronounced "nee-nee-nee" and "PYA-PYA-PYA".
Open your mouth and put wide language on a lower lip. Bring his hand to his mouth with a small piece of cotton wool. Stuvite wool from the palm. Wool should fly forward. The air flow should be warm.
Open your mouth and put wide language on a lower lip. Squeeze the tip of the tongue and lift it up. The tip of the tongue needs to be wide. Language will take the form of a Cup.
Lift your tongue to form a Cup to the upper teeth, and bend it to the sky. The tip of the tongue should be wide and not touch the sky. Lift the hand with a piece of cotton wool. Without changing the position of the tongue, with a maximum force stuvite wool from the palm.
Lift your tongue to form a Cup up, not touching the sky, and say a prolonged sound of "sh". Add the sound "a" and then say "Sha". Then "sho", "Shu", "neck", "Shi". Lips should change the position, depending on the pronounced vowel.