Articulation gymnastics includes exercises for the lower jaw, exercises for lips and exercises for the language. Perform them every day for a few minutes in front of the mirror. Articulation exercises can be carried out under rhythmical music, or at the expense and complete the classes claps.
To teach the child to pronounce the sound "sh", you must daily perform exercises aimed at the development of the lower jaw.
Ask the baby to open the mouth widely and close it within 30 seconds. This exercise should be repeated 10-15 times. Excellent develop the lower jaw in chewing movements with closed lips and a light tapping teeth with open lips. "Fence" - stretch your lips into a smile and put the upper jaw on the bottom, wait 15-20 seconds and relax. Ask the kid to do the same.
In order that the child uttered the sound "sh" that's right, his lips must be very flexible and well developed. Therefore, in the complex of articulation gymnastics includes classes for the lips.
"Smile" - exercise, the principle of which is the strong stretching open the lips to tight teeth. "Proboscis" - pulling the lips forward. Very effective for the development of children's mouth would be alternating between these two exercises.
For correct pronunciation the sound "sh" is also required good mobility of the tongue of the baby. There are many interesting games for the development of this mobility.
Play it as a "mess" - move the tongue back and forth. "The clock" - move tongue left and right. "Swing" - move tongue up and down. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. In addition, it is very useful to perform language circular motions, gently nibble the tip, and snapping them as a hobbyhorse.