Advice 1: How to open a branch of OOO

To create a branch of OOO need with the necessary documents to apply to the tax Inspectorate at the location of the parent organization. To put it on the account in tax and non-budget funds is necessary only if the branch plans to hire workers.
How to open a branch of OOO
You will need
  • — the decision or the Protocol on the establishment of the branch and orders on appointment of Director and accountant;
  • — copies of passports and certificates on INN assignment, the head and the accountant of the branch;
  • — a statement about the production of the branch tax registration at the location;
  • — a copy of the LLC's Charter;
  • — copy of Memorandum (if any);
  • — copy of certificate of registration of the LLC;
  • — copy of certificate of incorporation;
  • — copy of the certificate on INN assignment of the parent organization;
  • — copies of passport and was General Director;
  • — details of the organization;
  • - copies of passports, and tin of each founder - a natural person or all of the founding documents of the chartering organization head OOO.
We must begin with the decision on creation of branch of OOO and making appropriate changes to the Charter. If the founders of the company and two more, issued a Protocol of the General meeting of founders. At the meeting, by law, must attend at least two thirds of the participants , OOO. When the founder of one, enough of his written solely solution.All of these documents the model, samples are easy to find on the Internet.
Don't forget to state Statute , OOO in a new wording and, if it is necessary for the tax (this question is to ask at your registered inspection), make a copy of it.
Then on the opening of the branch and the Charter change you must notify the registered tax office (depending on the region may not be the one that serves the legal address of the enterprise) at the location of the head office of OOO. Lawyers are advised to do it within three days from the moment of signing of the minutes of the General meeting or the issuance of individual decisions.This tax served a notice on form Р130002 with the application of the decision on amendments and the new wording of the Charter and shall be paid from the settlement account of OOO duty. In a number of regions filed an application for certification of the copies of the Charter and paid a separate stamp duty.
In the tax application was also filed amendments to incorporation with the appropriate section completed and the decision to open a branch. For that paid stamp duty also separate from the settlement account of OOO.
Within five days from the moment of receipt of the documents, the tax inspection must issue a written notice of necessary changes. The fastest way to get it in inspection, but I can send by mail.
If the branch plans to create permanent workplaces (or at least one) for a period of more than a month, it should be put on the tax account at the location. For this you need to contact the tax office serving the legal address of the branchand submit the application on registration of a separate subdivision for tax accounting.Attached is a copy of the decision or of the Protocol on the establishment of a branch, a certified copy of the Charter and a copy of the certificate on INN assignment of the parent organization.
For registration in the Pension Fund must submit to its office at the location of the branch statement in the prescribed form, a notice from the IRS about its registration and a copy of its Charter with information about the branch and its legal address.The statements on the registration application of the same documents are also served in the office of the social insurance Fund and Territorial compulsory medical insurance Fund.
All this must be done within one month since the establishment of the branch.If the branch does not employ and does not charge them a salary, anywhere to register is not necessary.

Advice 2: How to open a structural unit

The civil code defines a structural unit as part of the enterprise, outside the place of location of a legal entity performing all its functions or only part of them. The reason for having to open a structural unit, can be business expansion, optimisation of management processes, the desire to bring the production to sources of raw materials and the requirements of environmental regulations at the location of the harmful to human health production outside the settlements.
How to open a structural unit
If you have decided to start a structural unit of the branch, establishment or separate unit under the tax laws, make changes in statutory documents. The reason for this is the law "On state registration." According to him, you need to register these changes.
The tax authority responsible for the registration and which is on account of your enterprise, provide a statement on amendments to the statutory documents on the unified form 13001. To it attach the minutes of the General meeting on amendments to the constituent documents, the new edition of the Charter or a separate document called amendments thereto and receipt of payment of the state fee. If acting an agent he needs to properly executed power of attorney.
To open a branch or representative office you will need to collect a lot of documents. First and foremost this: a notarized set of copies of constituent documents of the company, establishes a subsidiary. Charter, articles of incorporation, any amendments and a certificate of registration in EGRUL must be submitted in 3 copies.
In addition, to open a branch office would require minutes of the General meeting on appointment of the head, the power of attorney for the head opening of the branch (representative office), 2 copies of the notarized copy of the certificate of assignment of INN parent company, a letter from the state Statistics authorities on assignment of the NACE codes. You should also submit documents proving location of the branch: a notarized copy of the certificate of ownership, lease agreement, letter of guarantee and copies of passports of the Director and chief accountant of the branch.
Upon registration of a separate division will require another set of documents. This term refers to a structural unit of the company, which separated from it geographically and which is equipped with fixed workplaces. For the registration of such structural units write to the tax authority an application form 1-2 Accounting (approved by the order FNS of Russia №SAE-3-09/826).
Attach to the application orders of the accounting policies of the separate division and the appointment of its Director and accountant, help them notarized copies of the tin, bin, NACE codes and a copy of the rental contract.
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