You will need
  • the decision to close the branch;
  • - application form Р13002;
  • notification to the employment centre about the upcoming closure of the branch, and after - tax Inspectorate and extrabudgetary funds at the location of the parent organization.
Make the decision to close the branch. In the case of OOO it was adopted at the General meeting of shareholders, in joint - stock companies by the Board of Directors or the General meeting of shareholders.
Make your changes, caused by the closure of the branch in the constituent documents (Charter) and prepare a package of other securities for changes in incorporation. It includes a statement of changes in the constituent documents form number Р13002, minutes of the meeting of shareholders or founders or individual decision, and two copies of the new edition of the Charter and receipt of payment of registration fee.
To clarify the fee can be a tax, and form a payment order or a receipt on the website of the FTS of Russia.
Complete dismissal of employees of the branch. The procedure in this case is the same as in the liquidation of the organization. You are also required to offer terminated employees a list of existing vacancies, including in another country and to receive from each a written waiver, if any one of them it does not suit.
To warn the workers about the closure of the branch you are bound for two months, and upon dismissal to pay each severance is one average monthly salary plus the salary for two months.
In the same time frame you must notify the branch closures and the employment service at the place of its location.
The notice must specify the position, profession, specialty of each employee, terms of payment for his work, job requirements for it.
Upon completion of all formalities, submit to the tax inspection at the place of location of the branch statement about removing it from the register in form No. 1-4 Accounting. The fiscal authority must remove it from the register within 10 days from the date of application, but after the field tax audit that could extend this period to 14 days.
Then you need to notify closing of branch tax at the location of the parent organization and in writing to inform the non-budgetary funds.