You will need
  • - Personal Bank account;
  • - notarized documents;
  • - acquisition of legal entity status.
Examine the leasing business in the country and abroad, pay attention to how to conduct the business of a successful leasing company. Usually these are generated by financial institutions (banks, funds, insurance companies or large industrial enterprises for the leasing of own products sale. In Russia there are successful companies that create state or municipal authorities, and there are companies that use so-called "administrative resource".
Select the area of leasing services that you want to take. Explore your options and the current market. Determine the cost of services, and how competitive are your suggestions. Advisable is to identify cost estimates, funding sources, anticipated income from your activities. Thus, you must create a business plan.
Start your own leasing company to. This can be done in any convenient organizational-legal form (JSC, LTD, etc.), because some special requirements there. There are no requirements and licensing this activity.
Ask for help to specialists in the field of organization, Finance, Economics and engineering, as it is important a clear understanding of your business. Some knowledge can be learned from books, a lot of them. Or to view the training seminars which are held monthly by many public organizations. This will help gradually to enter into the leasing business.