You will need
  • Text editor Microsoft Word
Start a text editor Microsoft Word and click on the tab "page Layout". To visit could fit a sufficient number of cells, set the minimum value of field - click the Field and select from the dropdown list value is "Narrow".
Create a page table. To do this, go to Insert tab, open the drop-down list "table" and select "Insert table". This will cause the window settings dialog the table created, in which you can specify the desired number of cells.
How to draw a crossword puzzle in Word
Specify a sufficient number of rows and columns in the corresponding fields and click "OK". Text editor create the table that will need to adjust the width and height of the page.
How to draw a crossword puzzle in Word
Select several columns and click the right mouse button and choose "Delete columns" as long as the right edge of the table will not fit in the page width. Similarly, remove the extra lines that do not fit within the height of the sheet - highlight, right-click and choose "Delete rows".
Save this template to the next time not to repeat this procedure for the next crossword. To do this, click on the big round button "Office", go to "Save as", select "Word Template" and specify the name and storage location of the template.
How to draw a crossword puzzle in Word
Complete the cells in the table with words of your crossword.
Pour the remaining unused cells with a certain color. To do this, select multiple cells. This can be done, for example, hold down the CTRL key when moving the mouse on the desired cell and when it will become a black arrow, clicking the left button. So selecting a sufficient number of cells, then right-click and click in the context menu "Borders and shading".
Select from the drop down list under Fill the desired color (for example black) and click the "OK" button. Repeat the procedure for the highlight and fill up until all unused cells will not be processed.
How to draw a crossword puzzle in Word
Add to the document the second page and make it a numbered list of questions corresponding to the words of your crossword.
Type numbers in specific cells of a crossword puzzle, I letters of the words remove. The crossword is completed.