Create a crossword puzzle in MS Office WordЕсли you have a small crossword puzzle, use the "Create table". After selecting the desired number of columns horizontally and vertically, start building your grid. To do this, remove the unnecessary borders between table cells, use the option "borders and shading" and make colorless unnecessary cell boundaries, thus forming a diagram of your crossword.
If the crossword is large, go to the Draw panel, draw a square and copy it to the worksheet as many times as necessary, and then place a received cell in the desired order to obtain a grid of a crossword puzzle.
Create a crossword puzzle in MS Office ExcelЗдесь everything is much easier, because you do not need to draw the cells and squares. Select the desired number of cells, set the height and width. To do this, select the cells, click the right-mouse button and navigate to the "Format cells". Select "column" then "width" and "set value". Do the same with cell alignment in height.
Go to "panel View", and then go to the toolbar and click on the tab "Border". Click "Boundary drawing" and then "Grid on the border of the picture." Ask where the line type and color. After this the cursor will become a pencil. Holding the left mouse button, give your scheme a crossword puzzle.
In both programs you can enter text in a cell crossword puzzle and place the job on the side of the crossword or the bottom, depending on location. Optionally, you can also make borders crossword puzzle with thick lines, and to apply to the cell contents. the command "Fill".