You will need
  • - kogterezki;
  • disinfecting solution;
  • - cotton pads;
  • -large abrasive blade;
  • - styptic
Choose and buy the tool for cutting kohtala nail trimming in dogs, it is recommended to use a special tool purchased at veterinary stores. Kogterezki can be in the form of a guillotine or scissors. Scissors are recommended for trimming the claws of the small breeds or puppies. Guillotine ideal for animals with tough and thick claws. Note the sharpening of the tool and how easy it handles.Remember that to use nail clippers for trimming the claws is absolutely unacceptable. Using this tool you can damage and distort the nail plate of the animal.
Wash your dog's paws and disinfect them with a special solution. This will help to avoid infection in case of cuts.
Depending on the size of the dog, sit it on the floor or get your hands on. Try to determine where you'll nogtevoe box - sensitive tissue with blood vessels. If your dog has white nails, you can easily identify it by color. Dead part of the nail is white and kogteva the skin is pink. If the dog has black nails, you can try to Shine them with a lamp or flashlight to consider the location of the blood vessel.
Carefully cut the dog's nail, taking care not to damage nogtevoe bed. Trim the nail is recommended in small pieces, at an angle of 45 degrees. After each use carefully inspect the claw.
If you hit a blood vessel, apply nail styptic and attach a cotton pad.
Gently file sharp corners of the claw, formed after shearing, with the help of special saws.