You will need
  • - certificate of ownership;
  • - technical passport for the apartment;
  • reference about registered persons in the apartment.
To execute deed to the part of the apartment, first determine whether it is a gift of a share in the apartment or a specific gift of the apartment, for example, of the room. Equity owners do not own their part ofth apartment they jointly own common room, while the share in the right of every owner of virtual – it is not expressed in specific areas.
The donation of a share in the apartment, decide what percentage of the donee. The proportion is expressed as a fraction: 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, etc. Prepare the above paper. The documents required for state registration in the territorial Department of the Federal service for state registration, cadastre and cartography (FRS) of your region, carrying out state registration of real estate transactions and a leading register of rights to immovable property.
In addition, make four copies (one for service tax, one for FRS and one for the donor and the donee) deed of gift of a share in the apartment and the act of reception-transmission. These two documents are drawn up in simple written form and does not require notarization.
Then, together with the donee pay the state fee for registration of the transfer and the registration of the new owner to share in the apartment. Sign and submit the state registration of the contract of donation with the application of the above documents and payment of registration fee.
Another option is giving the apartment to give room. Based on the requirements of civil law and explanations given by the Plenum of the Supreme Court dated 24 August 1993, No. 8, giving room perhaps, if it is highlighted by the redevelopment and conversion of apartments for insulating this room and the utility room is in the first place, bathroom and kitchen.
Make a donation to the room, if it is isolated in nature, carried out in the same manner as the gift of a share in the apartment. But the apartment in this case will be the joint property of the donor and the donee – each will own a specific partof Yu.