You will need
  • -a statement from the employee
  • order
  • -permanent contract
  • -job description
  • -the employment records of transferred on a permanent basis
For registration of permanent open-ended employment relationship from the employee should receive an application for transfer to permanent work. The statement you need to write before the end of the period of temporary work or immediately after completion that the experience did not break, and remained unpaid accrued annual leave. The statement must specify all the details of the company, its name, position, put in the number and signature.
Based on statements the employer issued an order indicating that the order on temporary job became invalid and the employee transferred to a permanent job and is stamped with a number, the month and year to transfer to a permanent job.
Compiled open-ended employment contract, which shall include all conditions of work and wages.
Also issued a new job description corresponding to the permanent duties.
With all the compiled documents employee introduced under the bill. In the workbook is the next ordinal number, and recording that the employee transferred from a temporary job into a permanent position, order number, and what date it was released.
If the employee worked for the company part-time, he needs to resign from a permanent job or to negotiate with the employer, who worked on open-ended employment agreement on the transfer of it to another company.
Everything else is executed as described above. The employee writes the application, issued an order, prepared employment contract, job description and an entry in the work book on the transfer of an employee on a permanent basis.