You will need
  • Digital blood pressure monitor with a cuff width of 7-7,5 cm
The study is conducted in the supine position. Legs are straight, located on the same level with the heart. It is impossible to keep feet or hands in the air. The patient should be relaxed, you need 5-10 minutes to adapt to the conditions of measurement. For 1.5-2 hours before measuring pressure do not eat, smoke, drink alcohol, soft drinks, medicines related to sympathomimetic agents (including eye drops). Physical activity before the study, it is desirable to eliminate. If this is not possible, after the load must be at least 30 minutes. The breathing should be quiet, too deep a breath will distort the results.
Wear cuff electronic blood pressure cuff on the ankle at 2-3 cm above the dorsum of the foot. Secure the cuff so that between it and the skin of the legs freely pass finger. Air tube should be over the artery, the patency of which is checked.
Feel the pulse of downward and backward from the bones, located on the inner side of the ankle. Here is the posterior tibial artery.
After turning on the apparatus pump air in pneumomail (if this is not done automatically) as long as the pulse at the specified point will not cease to palpable plus another 20 mm Hg is Too strong compression may cause pain in the foot.
Let out air at a rate of approximately 2 mmHg per second. On the screen of the monitor displays the results. The first figure is systolic pressure, the second diastolic. Performing measurement automatic or semi-automatic blood pressure monitor you can rely on the audible signals and prompts on the monitor screen.
Measurements are made 2-3 times. As a result, counts the arithmetic mean of indicators of all dimensions.
Repeat the measurement on the second leg.