You will need
  • - engagement ring, a needle or nut;
  • - a thread of wool, string, cotton thread or a long hair.
  • wooden 20-centimeter flexible ruler or centimeter.
When measuring blood pressure it is necessary to observe some rules. Eliminate the factors affecting the change in pressure. Do not smoke, refrain from drinking strong tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, do not use sympathomimetic agents, eye drops and nose.
Proceed to the measurement of blood pressure a few minutes after urination and no earlier than one hour after a meal. After physical work or emotional stress rest for 15-30 minutes. Before measuring pressure normalize your breathing, making 5-6 deep breaths.
Prepare a wooden ruler with a length of at least 20 cm or centimeter flexible with divisions equal to 10 mm. Take a gold ring and pass it through a woolen thread length from 10 to 20 cm you Can use a darning needle and thread the same length. Nut even with long hair you can use as a plumb.
Find the right hand a pulse on his left wrist. A ruler put on the arm so that the zero mark coincides with the found pulse – this is the origin.
Hold the left hand with a ruler on a stable horizontal surface. The hand should be placed at heart level. Right hand drive plumb 5 mm above the line, from the wrist to the elbow crease. The procedure of measuring the pressure to spend slowly.
After some time, will see how the plumb Bob is swinging perpendicular to the line. View and remember what mark it happened. Multiply this value by 10. For example, 8 cm X10 = 80. It's the size of your lower diastolic blood pressure in mm Hg. article
Drive further along the plumb line. After a few centimeters he again begins to sway from side to side, showing the value of the upper systolic blood pressure.
Visually of high blood pressure can be determined by flushed face, big belly and red eyes. He has tinnitus, shiny "flies" before the eyes, shortness of breath. Man with a low pressurem characterizes the expressionless, pale, thin face. Even if full dream the hypotensive often the feeling of fatigue, weakness, worsening memory.
According to the 1999 who classification of blood pressure, norm is the optimal pressure is 120/80, normal is less than 130/85 and high normal – 130-139/85-89. Having had an increase or decrease in blood pressure, consult a doctor.