You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - reference from place of residence;
  • - certificate of ownership of the two apartments;
  • - the statement of claim.
For one apartment in which you reside, payment for utilities produce in full in accordance with the accrual, receipt of which come in the mailbox. You have to pay for heating, electricity usage, gas, water, sewer, garbage collection, cleaning of the territory and the entrance. If you have meters, you only pay for what you actually used your family.
If the second apartment is not inhabited, will apply to housing maintenance management. Present your passport, certificate of ownership for both apartments, a certificate of residence certifying that you reside at a different address.
You will make recalculation. In the following you will be exempt from paying for water, sewer, gas, electricity. If you have meters, you will pay in accordance with the testimony. No one lives – nothing hot for up.
However, you can not release from payment for heating, cleaning of the territory, the entrance, as the owner is obliged to pay for everything, that somehow relates to the content of the apartment. If the apartment includes a metering device of heat energy, you have the right to put the thermostat to the minimum temperature, but to turn off the heating completely impossible, all of the heating, Sewerage and water supply system can thaw in the cold season. In the absence of metering device you will pay for heating in accordance with the cubic capacity of the apartment.
Disputes between the property owner and the owner of the house settled in court. If you have presented all the documents proving your stay in another apartment, but you refuse to recalculate and not exempt from payment of some utilities, please see the statement of claim to the court.