You will need
  • actually camera, Phillips screwdriver, tweezers, a soft cloth for optics
So users with a list of other failures that are impossible or too expensive to repair at service centers. Because this is a homegrown craftsmen, we are able to rectify the fault, or at least try.
So, if you decided to disassemble your camera, here is a sample schema for Kodak. Unscrew all the screws, first remove the back panel, carefully disconnect the ribbon cable leading to the LCD display, then the front.
Then Unscrew the Central charge, remove the memory card, chassis with battery compartment, remove the matrix, and then the optical unit. Discharge the capacitor, take the flash unit. Here is a humble list of all components for this machine.
If you want to Tinker with the optics. But, without proper experience or education, it is better not to get involved. Also, consider the ratio of the level of your knowledge and the complexity of the design. In principle, a detailed diagram of detail described in the instructions to each camera.