Tachycardia is the primary cause of increased heart rate

To feel his heart beating, can completely healthy people after stress, heavy physical exertion, lack of oxygen in the air, drinking large amounts of caffeinated products, alcoholic beverages. Tachycardia is considered physiologically normal in children up to 7 years. If the adult heartbeat occurs systematically, that is the reason for going to a cardiologist.

Pathological tachycardia is accompanied not only by a feeling of palpitations, but dizziness, throbbing of vessels of neck, faint. These symptoms may lead to the immediate development of acute heart failure, cardiac arrest, heart attack and ischemia of the heart muscle.

The basis of heart rhythm disorders is the increase in the activity of the sinus node responsible for the rhythm and pace of cardiac contractions. A pathological increase in heart rate leads to a decrease in ejection of blood. The ventricles do not have time to fill with blood, which leads to a sharp decrease in blood pressure, increase heart muscle

Sinus tachycardia is accompanied by an increase in heart rate from 90 to 220 beats. Most often, the heart feeling is the only symptom of heart failure and left ventricular dysfunction of the heart.

In addition to the heartbeat can be felt shortness of breath, weakness, fatigue, sleep disturbances, mood instability.

Coronary atherosclerosis leads to increased heart rate, angina attacks and increasing symptoms of heart failure.

What if feels like beats the heart

With tachycardia should undergo a medical examination: ECG, daily monitoring by Holter, echocardiography, magnetic resonance imaging, electrophysiological study. Also recommended General and biochemical analysis of blood, definition of thyroid-stimulating hormones. To the exclusion of all endocrine disorders that can lead to palpitations, it is necessary examination and consultation with an endocrinologist and a neurologist. In a reflex compensatory tachycardia initially you should eliminate all the causes that have led to a significant increase in the number of cardiac contractions. In pathological tachycardia caused by heart disease, prescribed-blockers: "Concor", "Bisoprolol" or calcium antagonists: Diltiazem", "Verapamil".