Advice 1: How to increase the heartbeat

The heart may beat not only quickened, but too slow. In this case, the person feels weak, dizzy and tired quickly. If you have constantly observed the described symptoms and the pulse rate less than 50 beats per minute, you need to consult a doctor. But do not rush to swallow handfuls of drugs. In milder forms of low heart rate it is possible to increase its folk remedies.
How to increase the heartbeat
You will need
  • sedative infusions, dried apricots, walnuts, honey, tonic and restorative bitters
Slow heartbeat or bradycardia can be caused by several reasons, the self is not engaged in any case since the real cause of your condition should be determined by the physician. Often, these palpitations are observed in athletes, if they dramatically reduce the load. In this case, the doctor will prescribe moderate physical activity alternating with rest. Walk more, breathe the fresh air and alternate fast walking with walking at a slow pace. This rhythm will allow your heart to produce the required rate and will ease your condition.
Bradycardia is caused by nervous and emotional stress, as well as diseases of the vessels of the brain. If you've never played sports, but I feel that heart is beating quickly enough, the cause is likely in the blood vessels. Be sure to get tested in the clinic, change your diet and lifestyle. Try to spend more time outdoors, engaged in physical therapy and eat foods rich in amino acids and vitamins. Drink infusions of soothing herbs to regain composure and eat foods that strengthen the heart muscle (walnuts, honey, dried apricots).
People suffering from slow heart rate, usually have low pressure. Avoid foods and drugs that reduce pressure and have a pronounced sedative effect. Very good are the substances and tinctures that increase the overall tone and gives strength (a ginseng, eleuterokokk, etc.). To normalize heartbeat perfect massage and physical therapy aimed at strengthening the thoracic areas of the spine.
In no case do not self-medicate and consult a doctor about the use of certain means to increase your heart rate. All the methods described in the article, are in addition to the main course of treatment.
Useful advice
Do not get carried away sedative herbs and tinctures, if you feel weakness and fatigue.

Advice 2: What is an enlarged heart

Significant enlargement of the heart is called cardiomegaly. Increased can be one camera or all four. In most cases, cardiomegaly is not an independent disease, but a manifestation, a symptom of other diseases.
What is an enlarged heart

The causes of cardiomegaly

A rare congenital cardiomegaly due to hereditary factors, when this disease the prognosis is poor. Secondary acquired cardiomegaly occurs due to various diseases of the cardiovascular system, other systems and organs. The most frequently enlargement of the heart observed in ischemic heart disease, arterial hypertension, heart disease, emphysema.

To cardiomegaly can also cause inflammation of the heart muscle. The most common of them is rheumatic heart disease, which develops as a complication of tonsillitis or scarlet fever.

Increased heart size can be caused by alcohol intoxication, overdose of medicines. In addition, cardiomegaly may develop after acute pericarditis. This disease causes a buildup of fluid in the pericardium that increases the size of the heart muscle.

Intense exercise in athletes require the heart to work more actively, as a result of the heart muscle increases, this is known as "athlete's heart".

Diagnosis and symptoms

The symptoms of cardiomegaly are not specific. The main symptoms is pain in the heart area, shortness of breath, tachycardia, fatigue, peripheral edema. Enlarged heart for a long time can occur without symptoms, therefore, cardiomegaly is often detected by chance.

The doctor may suspect it when detecting a characteristic heart murmur and specific signs on the ECG. Changing the size of the heart is clearly visible on x-ray, but the most complete information gives ultrasound of the heart.

Prevention and treatment of cardiomegaly

Because cardiomegaly is a symptom of various diseases, its treatment is reduced to treatment of the underlying disease. Excluded possible risk factors, which provoke high blood pressure, avoiding alcohol and Smoking, adherence to low fat, required moderate exercise.

Modern means to reduce the pressure improves blood flow to the heart muscle, facilitating the return of the heart to its original size. When running hypertension prescribers from the group of ACE inhibitors — they reduce pressure and optimize cardiac function.

When Cardito is long and complicated treatment, antibacterial therapy, prevention is very important — hardening to strengthen the immune system.

Proper and timely treatment can reduce the risk of such serious complications as angina or myocardial infarction. If medical therapy fails, using surgery - ventricular myotomy.
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