To take measurements it is necessary to position the animal: to arrange so that the legs stood upright, head at the back. The measurement is carried out using a measuring tape. Measurements of the animal carried out two to three hours prior to daily feeding.
To determine the live weight of the pigs only need two measurements. With tailoring meter to find a live body length and chest girth behind the shoulders.
After receiving the said measurements, in a special table to find the values and the intersection of these data, the live weight of the animal (for example, oblique body length measured by the tape is equal to 138 cm, and chest girth behind the shoulders is equal to 152 cm, then the intersection of these data received a weight equal to 278 pounds).
It should be particularly pay attention to the fact that the error in the weight ofe, calculated in this way is four to eleven percent. This method allows only roughly, not exactly, determine the weight of the animal, in this case pigs.
Because different breeds of pigs and their mixed forms have different osamenost, the density of the meat and the result of the measurements may vary from this up to 15-17%.
Still, the best way to know the weight of a pig or other animal remains weighing on weightAh, preferably electronic. There are special industrial weights for cattle, which can be used.