Advice 1: How much should a Yorkie weigh at 6 months

Yorkshire Terrier – one of the most popular ornamental breeds, and one of the smallest. These dogs, even reaching advanced age - and they live 15 years or more - are similar to cute toys. Therefore, the less the weight of the York, so it will cost higher, although the breed standard and does not contain the unit weight.
How much should a Yorkie weigh at 6 months

Standard weight York

The main part of the international canine standards sets the maximum weight of adult dogs in the range of 3.1 kg, but the standard of the ancestors of the breed – British, restricts his level of 3.2 kg. Lower weight border none standard no, but too little weight is also not welcome.

However, some breeders are trying to bring Yorkshire Terriers "lightweight", using puppies from manufacturers standard weight, which as a result of any causes or hormonal disruptions, weigh less than the others in the litter. The result of breeding attempts in the direction of minimum weight of steel mini-Yorkie, weight is limited to 1.5-2 kg, and super mini Yorkshire Terriers, weighing from 900 g to 1.3 kg. But it is unlikely that these subtypes of York will be included in the breed standards, since they were not very viable and very often due to congenital abnormalities die before the age of 3 years.
A dog cannot be sweet, salty, fatty and smoked. Meat – only white. Cabbage, legumes, potatoes, broth, juice, and eggs completely eliminate from the diet of the city.

What is the weight of a standard Yorkshire Terrier in six months

The weight of your puppy who is 6 months old, of course, depends on heredity. If you bought him as a puppy meet the breed standards, for six months it almost reaches its maximum size, because small breed dogs "grow up" much faster than large breeds, the backbone of which is completing to be formed only 3 years. Yorkies in six months, almost adult dogs, so their weight is unlikely to greatly increase, to a maximum of 100-150 Portrait of York, made in half a year will not be different from his photo in the year. Therefore, the weight of your pet by 6 months should reach 2.2-3 kg.
Puppy mini Yorkshire Terrier at 6 months should weigh 1.4 to 1.9 kg, and the weight of super mini York by this time should be 0.8-1.2 kg.

Features feeding puppies York

While puppies are growing, it is necessary to strictly control the feeding process and try to get the dog was overfed, but at the same time didn't go hungry. Most Yorkies still overfeed, because the rule is one flat tablespoon of food - the owner seems microscopic. If you feed your puppy prepared food, strictly follow the dosage recommended on the package. Because the Yorkie – lovers to eat, feed your dog strictly by the hour. Do not keep food in the bowl, remove it after 10-15 minutes after feeding. But fresh clean water at the feeding place should always be.

Advice 2: How to feed York

The Yorkshire Terrier is a tiny dog that needs a lot of attention. It is especially important to feed York, because a balanced diet is the key to health, wellbeing and the excellent appearance of this little funny creatures.
How to feed York
Yorkies are prone to obesity. Them, overfeeding can not only cause obesity but also cause problems with the development of the backbone. Feed adult York is necessary twice a day, morning and evening. To determine the amount of food needed for one feeding, it is very easy. For every pound of pet's weight is sufficient to 1 tablespoon of food.
If you decide to feed your pet a natural diet, don't forget to add in a bowl of food with special vitamin-mineral fertilizer. In the finished feed for Yorkshire Terriers the ratio of ingredients is balanced, so the intake of extra vitamins is not necessary.
The basis of a healthy diet York include: raw or scalded beef, thoroughly cooked beef offal (kidney, liver, stomach), cooked or raw vegetables, oatmeal, dairy products, including calcined cottage cheese, sea fish and egg yolks. All of these products should be fresh, thoroughly washed and processed. Meat, fish and vegetables before giving them to the dog, cut into small pieces.
Exclude from the diet of York, pork, lamb, various meats, river fish, sausage, fish, pasta, fresh bread, cabbage, potatoes, milk and all kinds of sweets. Do not feed your pet cat food. It contains too many proteins and fats.
When making a meal for your pet, follow some of the recommendations. Morning portion of feed a Yorkshire Terrier have to be liquid. Meat delicacy, which is necessary to give at least 5 times a week, alternate with milk. Every day give your pet vegetables, twice a week, fish once a week 1 – egg yolk.
The plate of food and bowl of water should be at chest level York, so set them to small stable stand, which the dog will not be able to overturn.
Prior to the acquisition of York need to find out from the breeder how and what to feed pet. This feeding schedule is necessary to observe approximately 3 to 4 weeks. Go to another food only when the dog turns 3 months and will be given a second tetravalent vaccine.
Useful advice
The mode of feeding(Natural feeding) the Quality, quantity and time are the three pillars on which rests the feeding. Feed the dog using a stand Food should be full and varied. This period is still in progress the formation of a puppy. Feed YORK is better 2 times a day - morning and evening.

Advice 3: What should be the weight of York

Yorkshire Terriers, one of the smallest breeds of dogs, have become extremely popular in recent times. This is due not only to their compact size, comfortable to stay in urban apartments, but also cheerful friendly character, and some "glamour" that this dog gives her owner. The smaller the weight of the York, the more it is prized, but the breed standard does not provide for the division of weight categories.
What should be the weight of York

Weight Yorkshire Terriers

The weight of the Yorkshire Terrier belongs to the main features of this breed of dogs. According to the world standards of various kennel associations, he is different, but not much. Thus, according to the standards set by the associations of the ICF, AKC and FCI, its maximum value should be no more than 3100 g, ACC – 3175 g, UK KC – 3200 g, IKU – 3500 g. the weight of the dog is usually already gaining in 12-14 months.

But, if the maximum weight of all clear, the value of the minimum weight none of the standard sets. However, in announcing the sale of dogs of this breed can often be found, such as a mini or super mini Yorkshire Terrier. It is assumed that the weight of the mini Yorkie is not more than 2000 g and the super mini Yorkies – from 900 to 1300

Problems dogs whose weight is less than the standard

Though standards division for regular, mini and super mini dogs and is not provided, some unscrupulous owners, taking advantage of the increased demand for miniature Yorkies, introduced this graduation, in order to increase their value. Of course, it happens that in a normal litter will be puppy size and weight which is much lower than the established standard. Buying such dogs for breeding, to bring a very small, dwarf, and it turns out the breeders, but at what cost, they don't talk about it.
One of the main problems dwarf Yorkshire Terriers are delivery, which is fraught with death and mother and offspring.

Meanwhile, these mini Yorkies are particularly physical weakness, low immunity, congenital abnormalities and susceptibility to any infection. The most common pathology in these dogs, which, unfortunately, discover is not immediately possible, is atypical location of the liver, which often leads to death of the dog at an early age. Anyway, these dogs live very long and often suffer from vomiting and diarrhea. Dwarf dogs often die under the scalpel of the surgeon, their heart can not withstand anesthesia.
Yorkshire Terriers standard weight different good health and can live up to 10-15 years.

Of course miniature York itself – being touching, but mini or super mini and is like living toys, but these dimensions and small weight of the animal increases the risk of injury. There are cases when the owners of these kids inadvertently stifle them, not calculating the force of arms. Accidentally stepping on a dog or just dropping it something you can either kill her, or cripple.
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