Advice 1: How to use tests for ovulation

With the help of test ovulation a woman can easily determine the time of release of Mature eggs and thereby increase chances to get pregnant in this cycle. But, as experience shows, not everyone knows how to use these same tests.
How to use tests for ovulation
You will need
  • - ovulation test;
  • - the desire to get pregnant.
There are several types of ovulation tests. The most common are the paper test strips, drop in a vial of urine, the result is shown by showing two colored lines. Slightly more advanced are available in the form of plastic tapes, the urine test portion is applied with a pipette. And represent the most advanced mini-computers issuing the test result on the display. But they all work on the same principle - a special substance reacts with luteinizing hormone and allows to estimate its concentration in the urine.
The ripened egg is capable of fertilization for only a very short time. This period is only the day after ovulation. Current tests allow a rather high accuracy to track the time because the luteinizing hormone is thus substance that provokes the release of an egg from the ovary into the abdominal cavity and that its presence shows the test reagent. The highest concentration of lutein observed in the body in exactly 24 hours before ovulation. And if within days after the test was positive, the woman will engage in sexual intercourse, her chance of getting pregnant increases significantly.
Proper use of ovulation tests can be seen in their simplest form. Normally one pack contains 5 test strips and use them to start 5-6 days before the expected ovulation. Gathering a portion of morning urine will be enough to immerse the strip to the marked line, put on a flat surface and wait for the readings of the test. It should be remembered that the appearance of the second strips can be unambiguously interpreted as a positive result. Luteinizing hormone contained in the urine and a few days before ovulation, so weak stick is absolutely will mean nothing, and only when test and control band will be equal in color, it will be possible to say with certainty that before the release of an egg from the ovary remained a matter of hours.
Positive ovulation test does not mean a guaranteed pregnancy in this cycle. The probability of conception depends on many factors and some women it takes several months before they can be congratulated for this wonderful event.
Useful advice
The results of cassette ovulation test is evaluated similarly, as the test strips. But the computer itself is able to determine s whether a sufficient concentration of hormone to declare a positive result.

Advice 2: How to use ovulation tests

With the need to determine favorable days for conception women planning pregnancy. Among a large number of ways to find out the day of ovulation, home tests are very popular. The reason for this lies in the simplicity of the study and the accuracy of the results.
How to use ovulation tests
To purchase tests for ovulation at any pharmacy. Despite the huge range and number of species, the principle of their action is reduced to the determination of the level of luteinizing hormone in the urine. His sharp release observed in the period of ovulation, and tests in response to that give a positive result.
On the maturation of the egg takes about one day. This process is individual for each woman. Someone ovulation occurs on the tenth day of the cycle, and someone is forced to wait for her for months. The standard cycle in 28 days, the egg Matures the fourteenth day from the onset of menstruation. If the cycle is longer or shorter than the lunar month, the day of ovulation is impossible to guess.
Determine the average length of your cycle over the last year. From the resulting number, subtract 17. From that day and should start testing. Thus, the average cycle length 30 days, the first test will need to hold on the 13th day from the beginning monthly. At 25-day cycle testing begins with the 8th day, i.e. almost immediately after the end of menstruation.
Test daily at the same time. First morning urine is not suitable for the research, the better, if test will be done before lunch. It is advisable to drink plenty of fluids and refrain from urinating for 3-4 hours before testing.
Lower the test to a specified level by the arrows in a container of urine. 5-8 seconds, pull it out and place on dry flat surface. To evaluate the result after 3 minutes.
Compare the control and test line for brightness. If the test strip paler than the control, ovulation has not yet occurred. In this case, the test must be repeated in the following days. The day that stripes will be equal in brightness, and will continue to be favorable for conception.
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