To purchase tests for ovulation at any pharmacy. Despite the huge range and number of species, the principle of their action is reduced to the determination of the level of luteinizing hormone in the urine. His sharp release observed in the period of ovulation, and tests in response to that give a positive result.
On the maturation of the egg takes about one day. This process is individual for each woman. Someone ovulation occurs on the tenth day of the cycle, and someone is forced to wait for her for months. The standard cycle in 28 days, the egg Matures the fourteenth day from the onset of menstruation. If the cycle is longer or shorter than the lunar month, the day of ovulation is impossible to guess.
Determine the average length of your cycle over the last year. From the resulting number, subtract 17. From that day and should start testing. Thus, the average cycle length 30 days, the first test will need to hold on the 13th day from the beginning monthly. At 25-day cycle testing begins with the 8th day, i.e. almost immediately after the end of menstruation.
Test daily at the same time. First morning urine is not suitable for the research, the better, if test will be done before lunch. It is advisable to drink plenty of fluids and refrain from urinating for 3-4 hours before testing.
Lower the test to a specified level by the arrows in a container of urine. 5-8 seconds, pull it out and place on dry flat surface. To evaluate the result after 3 minutes.
Compare the control and test line for brightness. If the test strip paler than the control, ovulation has not yet occurred. In this case, the test must be repeated in the following days. The day that stripes will be equal in brightness, and will continue to be favorable for conception.