You will need
  • -blood glucose meter or test strips
  • -consultation of the endocrinologist
  • a blood test in the clinic
For the diagnosis of diabetes blood need to hand in the clinic. The high content of sugar can be determined by analysis of blood from a finger, from a vein. In some medical institutions test blood using glucometer. This is done when the symptoms of diabetes is obvious, the patient's condition causes concern on the part of doctors and need to pick up medicines-reducing sugar.
Blood sugar needs to be done in the morning on an empty stomach. Before testing all day should stick to a light diet, discard fat, sweet, strong tea and coffee. The last meal should not be later than 18 hours. In some cases, in addition to the analysis fasting blood analyze with the load. For this, the patient eats sugar-containing foods and after a short period of time, again losing blood.
Once diagnosed and prescribed treatment of the patient is recommended to monitor the level of sugar in the home. If sugar rises, then one should immediately contact the doctor for an adjustment in treatment, or doses of the drug.
The most common way to control the level of sugar in the home is by using glucometer. These instruments are provided with detailed instructions for their use. The bottom line is that you must apply the drop of blood on the device and check the result. The frequency and time of inspection must be made in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor. Fasting level of sugar should be from 3.3 to 5.5 mmol. 2 hours after meal no more than 7.8 mmol. If the indicators when testing promoted or relegated, then you should immediately consult a doctor.
At home, you can check the sugar and using special test strips which are deposited on the reagent. To check you need to apply the drop of blood on the test strip, wait is specified in the statement time and compare the resulting color with a special scale that determines the level of sugar.
Always remember that diabetes is not a death sentence. If it is to control and to compensate, it is possible to live normally for many years.