When choosing the holster note on the reliability of the fixing arms and the ability to quickly remove it. Are important as ease of mounting holster and minimum size. To ensure that the holster does not accumulate dirt, choose a holster, not jotted from the muzzle.
If you choose to carry a gun open or semi-open holster, wear it under your outer clothing (jacket, jacket). The best solution would be to use a universal holster that can be used as shoulder straps and attach to the waist belt.
With shoulder (outboard) version of the carry holster, slide the arm through the loop-like belt is designed to place the belt on the shoulder. The shoulder belt should positioned close to the surface of the body to be invisible under clothes. The design of the shoulder holster provides the ability to adjust the straps for your height and body composition. If you are right handed, the holster conveniently positioned on the left shoulder – this allows you to quickly retrieve the weapon if necessary.
Transfer additional narrow strap attached to a broad shoulder, over his right shoulder and attach it to the waist belt. The strap will not allow the holster to shift and topple from his seat. It is also possible the design of the holster of the two annular belts fastened together near the shoulder blades. Adjust the length of the belt, achieving tight placing the holster under the left armpit.
Place it in a secured holster weapons and lock the strap (possibly a buckled strap on the button or the Velcro that is less reliable). Put on your clothes and check how mount the holster provides secrecy of wear and comfort when traveling. If necessary, adjust the position of holster and tilt arms.
When choosing a belt holster, position it on the belt side of the working hand. The point of attachment of the holster to the belt is usually located at the back of the holster above the center of mass of weapons to arm was at the level of the waist belt.