You will need
  • Waist bag, old universal holster, a piece of plastic waist belt
Choose the simple Fanny pack of soft material, which usually used to carry money, keys, documents and other small items that will not fit in your pocket. To acquire such a repository can be on any flea market. Just to carry a gun in a similar bag is uncomfortable for the reason that it will SAG under its weight that can unmask gun. Therefore, the bag will have a little upgrade.
Back pocket belt bags insert cut to size a piece of hard plastic. This will strengthen the bag, giving it the desired shape. Using the knife to cut in the back wall of the bag and a plastic insert with two slots in width Trouser belt.
Take an old universal holster, release her from the straps and clasps – we don't need them. Trouser belt slide in one slot of the upgraded bags from the outside. Now inside the bag, wear the strap on the holster, pull it through the lugs on the side of the holster. Print a strap on the inside of the bag out through the second slot. Since the slits in the bag is done through a hard plastic insert, they can not break, so to strengthen the edges is not required.
Insert in the resulting gun holster for concealed carry waist and fasten the zipper. Slip the belt over the belt to your bag-holster was located on the left side (if you're right handed). With this method of carrying the gun rests on the holster, the load on the bag is not transmitted, so the whole structure does not SAG, keeps its shape and fits like a glove.
In order to expose the weapon and bring it in readiness, enough left hand to take the zipper bag back, and the right to remove the weapon from the holster. Such a method of carrying weapons in a closed bag are comfortable in hot weather, when using the shoulder holster concealed carry uncomfortable, as it requires clothing.