Ankle boots – it's a massive high combat boots with lace-up closure. Got its name due to the fact that protect the Shin bone and padded collar protects the ankle and lower leg from external influences. This all-season shoes: at zero temperature they are not hot, as in freezing, not cold. Perfect for outings, travel over rough terrain in all weather conditions.
This shoes because of their versatility included in the uniforms of most armies in the world. It is popular in some subcultures – punks, skinheads. Unlike regular boots, ankle boots leave maximum freedom to the ankle at the same time firmly locking it. This significantly reduces the risk of strain injuries. Due to its height and tight lace-up they are tightly wrapped around the ankle and foot when walking tired much less.
In our market are both domestic and foreign manufacturers of ankle boots. Prices on the shoes of foreign production is several times higher, but the quality is not much different from domestic.
It is better to buy boots 1 size larger or try on in a wool sock. Just bought shoes do not just put on a long trip, better 2-3 days to post them all in urban environments, the leg used to. Long distances in combat boots, wearing ordinary socks, it is better not to go – quickly RUB the corn itself.
Combat boots made to fill the pants – so practical "outfit" for running and Hiking. If to fill the shoes under the pants, you get a good version of a regular Shoe.
Care for your ankle boots is very simple: wash, dry, lubricating cream. It is useful immediately after purchase to glue all the seams and purchase a couple of extra insoles made of felt.