You will need
  • -the duffel bag.
Put your existing duffel bag in front of him. Examine it carefully. In order to properly tie the duffel bag, you have to know how it works. The part that should interest more than others, is a rope, the ends of which are attached to edges of the bottom. It is through this rope, the material of which it is made, and durability, the duffel bag can't accidentally come loose at the most inopportune moment. The whole process of setting the duffel bag comes down to a few actions with the rope.
Insert your hand in the rope. Your hand should be placed palm down strictly. This is necessary in order to enable you to continue to build the loop. Once your hand was in the middle of the rope, tilt your palm, and gently take her left and right parts of the rope.
Pay attention to the part that is on your hand, ie on top of it. If you do everything right, after you took the right and left parts of the rope, she should go down under seizure, i.e. to be at the bottom. Thus, a loop. It is also called "blind" because without assistance the duffel bag, tightened with the help of such loops could not be untied.
Once you get a loop, gather the top part of the duffel bag along to indicate the place where you want to be in the loop. Put on and tighten it to the intended location and check to see if untied the duffel bag. If not, then you did everything correctly and the duffel bag tied right. In that case, if the loop diverges, try to repeat their actions.
Please note that not just any rope will hold as firmly as those that are designed for knapsacks. Therefore, in the case it is damaged or out of usable condition, pick up her a similar replacement.