To write the exam in mathematics at a good rate, you need to collect all the knowledge that you have gained on this subject during the training in school, and learn to apply them in practice. To do this, as often as possible decide for demonstration versions of the exam, remember and organize all the information in mathematics.
If you feel that you have enough knowledge, hire a tutor or go to courses on preparation for the exam. With due diligence it is just two or three lessons per week throughout the year to achieve good results. Best of all, you will learn the material if you will prepare for the exam lecturer, which is included in the number of inspectors exam experts. A year before the final tests necessary to begin to repeat topics that are used in the preparation of the exam, and after six months to start to solve the test. What topics will be included in the math exam, you can find on the website of the Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements (FIPI).
Try to solve as many tasks, especially easy on the job part, which if handled properly can bring you high scores. To see the detailed correlation of assignments and possible points, please refer to the FIPI website and download the demo version of the math test. In the archive, in addition to assignments, you will find codifier and a specifier, which describes in detail the mechanism of evaluation of the exam.
Try to memorize key math formulas, it will help you in the exam. During self-study, try first to solve the problems that you are easy. Complex cases is best explained with a tutor or with a high school mathematics teacher. Most importantly - do not onlinesite, as is how much you put effort before the exam, depends on his result.