Write header characteristics. It usually looks like this: "Characteristics of the pupil such and such a child care institution Ivanov Pavel". The name of a children's Agency must be a complete — as it is indicated in the documents.
Note the appearance of the child. Write how physical development is growth. Mark, does the child have defects that interfere with normal communication. Tell us about the child's behavior, his gestures, facial expressions, grooming and the peculiarities of appearance.
Describe the child's speech. What voice he usually says? Does he have speech defects and how serious they are? At what rate the child says, whether he stutters how rich his vocabulary?
Note how the child is mobile and active in everyday life and in the classroom. Tell us about the features of social adaptation: whether he knows how to establish contacts with peers and adults, trusting if he's the kind of mood often remains. Describe the characteristics of its educational activities, motivation, interest in lessons, attitude to success and failure, efficiency.
Identify and specify the temperament of the child. Tell us about the features of his character. Well if he's with other people, how selfish, he prefers to tell the truth or always lies, if he has any desire to lead or he constantly remains on the sidelines.
Consider the attitude of your ward to peers and to adults. Select the most characteristic quality. Does he trust other people or treat them with suspicion, and seeks to lead peers, listen to Lee adults. Determine how the child relates to himself. How he is able to analyze their mistakes? How the child perceives himself — or, on the contrary, denies their identity? Describe how he treats his things, allow others to use them or carefully guarding their personal space, not letting anybody in there.
Tell us about the child's attitude to assignments and in General to any launched. Does he follow through or is fond of quickly and cools down just as quickly? If he could plan their activities?
Tell us about the family of the child and what environment surrounds it. Environment can be, both good and traumatic, and all of this must be noted in the description.