You will need
  • cloth;
  • - cardboard;
  • - scissors;
  • - threads;
  • - needle;
  • - a sewing machine.
Remove the measurements from your dog. Measure the height of the chest – from the base of the paws to muzzle. Also determine the length from neck to tail. When building a pattern, the first value will be denoted by the letter b, the second – D.
Как выбрать сумку-переноску для собаки
Build a pattern carrying bags on paper. Draw a rectangle. To determine its long side, multiply the two, D is also double, and fold the resulting number. Then to the result add 20 cm, the Short side of the rectangle should equal the length of the dog from neck to tail.
переноска для кошки своими руками
Position the rectangle long side facing you. Divide the figure in half with a vertical axis. The right and left sides of the rectangle of the side walls carrying.
шьём курточку собаке
Construct a hole for the dog's head. To do this, from the bottom side of the rectangle on the vertical axis, put the distance that was marked with the letter V. Then on the top side of the rectangle put the right and left of the axis number of inches equal to half the magnitude of V. these three points draw an oval recess for the head.
Как подготовить кошку к переезду
The bottom of the bag is a rectangle whose sides are equal to D+10cm (the big side) and+5 cm (lower side).
Transfer all the pattern on the fabric. For the external hand carry is better to choose a waterproof material to protect your pet from rain. The inner part must be strong enough that the dog ripped her claws. If you want to insulate the bag, make a side part foam. The bottom can be strengthened rigid cardboard.
Assemble the parts bags into one. Pristrochite on a typewriter fairly sturdy handles – secure them on the inside sidewall. Sew top carry zipper. Attach lining and outer detail of the bags facing each other, put the foam. Prostrochite portability around the perimeter, leaving a small opening to turn it.
Remove the workpiece, sew the hole hidden seam. Connect the sides of the bags, and then pristrochite to the top of the bottom.