Why the need for a muzzle

To some it may seem that such a measure is unnecessary and a muzzle is required only to those dogs that may cause fright or those who are different unstable behavior. Some owners are completely sure that their dog will never jump on a stranger and never let anyone bite you. But all these objections are refuted by the numerous cases when dogs bite even their owners, moreover, are different this time as representatives of small and ornamental breeds, and primacy in such cases generally belongs to the cutest spaniels.

So now the question about the need for a muzzle for your dog's muzzle should be hers by default. It is necessary not only for walks in public places or for travel in public transport, without it you may not take a vet. In addition, the muzzle, the firearm is part of the General training course and is also used when the dog is weaned to raise food from the ground.

How to choose and buy a muzzle

Buy a muzzle at the store, which sells dog accessories. If it is a plain muzzle for not fighting or for dogs who need a particularly strong muzzles, it can be made of leather, plastic or nylon. But inside he must be sheathed or plastered with soft natural material – cloth or skin, not irritating the dog's skin and not rubbing it.

Of course, fitting a muzzle is better to be a dog so you will be able to accurately select the required size. When this is not possible, the selection of this accessory will need to know the size of the head, muzzle and neck of the dog. The muzzle should sit on the dog tightly, but at the same time, not to pull her jaws and neck, it also needs to be able to stick out his tongue and licking their lips. The straps of the muzzle should be strong and well adjusted.

How to teach dog to a muzzle

It should start at an early age, as soon as the dog gets older – around six months. First you have to build up the feeling that the muzzle is not that scary. To do this, a muzzle you can put a treat to the dog ate it from there, holding the mouth of the muzzle for a few seconds. Then the muzzle should begin to dress the dog, not much tightening belts and trying to pull it away, to distract the dog and reward him with a treat. On walks, when the muzzle will already be tightly strapped to the head and neck, also distract the dog from trying to steal it, especially because after 2-3 trips it is fully accustomed to this necessary accessory.