You will need
  • - a tailor's centimeter
Going for a new muzzle, it is recommended to take your dog along to have the opportunity to try on "new clothes" to buy. If this is not possible, carefully measure the dog. Take a tailor's meter and measure from tip of nose to eye line is the length of the muzzle.
как подобрать собаку
Measure the circumference of the muzzle. It is necessary to deviate from the dog's eye is 2.5 cm and impose a dressmaker's cloth tape around the muzzle. Note that this measurement must be performed with a slightly ajar mouth.
кличку можно дать обаке девочке авчарке
Measure occipital length. It is necessary to measure the distance from the dog's eyes to the nape, behind her ears.
как приучить собаку к наморднику
Apply a centimeter around the dog's neck, under the muzzle. The resulting size - neck girth.
надевать намордник
In order to know the width of the muzzle your dog, you need to make every inch across the muzzle close to the eye.
где приобрести намордник для маленькой собаки в рязани
Measure the height of the muzzle, putting the cm in the area of the dog's eyes. Centimeter should be placed vertically with respect to a dog muzzle. The dogs mouth should be slightly open.
Note mount the selected muzzle. Note that the muzzles with one fastening strap that is behind the ears of an animal, is suitable only for those dogs that tend not to get rid of the unloved "accessory". Much more reliable design is with a additional strap on his forehead.
Choose the design naturalisatie muzzles-basket" approach is calm and good-natured dogs. They can be made from wire, leather, synthetic leather or plastic. Note that metal muzzles are not recommended for use in the cold because the dog may "stick" the tongue or lips.Solid leather muzzle suitable for aggressive dogs. They are also used for training, while generating anger in the animal. You should know that dogs should not be kept in the "dark" muzzles in hot weather and with prolonged exercise.Looped muzzles are used for fixing the jaws of the animal in various situations, for example, when a visit to the vet.Muzzles made of synthetic fabric Velcro will not suitable for aggressive dogs, for commuting and visiting public places.