Advice 1: How to improve VAZ 21099

The Russian car industry does not inspire much confidence, however, enjoys great popularity among the population due to its affordability. It also features a small price for the service. Almost all the domestic cars can be repaired in the garage conditions, not having much experience at it. However, all models need to be improved. For example, how to improve the miracle of the Volga automobile plant VAZ 21099?
VAZ 21099 after a little tuning
You will need
  • Tools for car repair, supplies, bulbs, wiring, material for covers.
Decide for yourself what you want to change your "nine" and how much money you are willing to spend on this improvement. In order to make the right decision about improving the car, we must proceed from the purpose for which you purchased the car. If he intended to travel to the country, the improvements should be to increase clearance, suspension upgrades and the installation of the roof rack. If you are young and want to make your plain car a car that will to pay attention, this option is not for you.
Take care about the appearance of your "swallows". Explore paint and draw a conclusion about his condition. If it has minor defects, they can fix the polishing body. If there are minor scratches, they should neatly paint the color of your car. Well, if problems in the body too much, you should do a full body repair and full paint.
Think of anti-corrosion coating. In winter use a very strong chemical that is able to cause irreparable damage to your car. Note that the body of the VAZ 21099 prone to corrosion, so corrosion treatment should be regularly held.
The changes can also relate to and interior of the car. You can do the seat covers yourself, or buy ready. It is not recommended to replace the standard wheel, as the experiments have shown that the standard steering wheel nine less traumatic than its aftermarket counterparts. Make additional lights, but in such a way that it is not blinded eyes. Use soft and neutral tones.
Also replace all filters and consumables for a new one. You can use imported ones, as they are more durable. Fill imported oil. When upgrading a car it is not recommended to use the kits, which are now very much. It's wasted money. Such kits usually degrade dynamics and greatly reduce ground clearance. You can easily damage a body kit when driving a speed bump.
Useful advice
Do not try to make your nine a race car, remember that it is only economical city car.

Advice 2: How to change the grenade to 21099

Crunch when pulling away is the first sign that a failed CV joint. Unfortunately, the drivers themselves be responsible for the fact that grenades become useless. You need to look for the condition of the anthers and at the slightest defects to change them.
Appearance grenades VAZ 2108-21099
The grenade is a metal mechanism, which is located inside the bearing. There are external and internal grenades (correct name – joint, CV joint). External are installed in the wheel hub VAZ 2108-21099, and transmission. The grenades are not subject to repair, therefore in case of failure it is necessary to replace on new. Special attention should be paid to the anthers, so as sand and water, trapped in the joint, leading to its rapid wear.

The removal of grenades on VAZ 21099

Work should be carried out on a viewing hole or overpass. Put the car on the handbrake and wheel lock stops the rear wheel. Now the most difficult is to break the nuts that secure the grenade to the wheel. This will require the mechanical key 30, and to perform it successfully, you need a good arm. The best option is to make an extension from a section of a pipe.

Next, raise the car on a Jack, put on the prop and take off the wheel. Now you need to disconnect the tie rod from the knuckle of the rack. This is done using a special puller. And a ball bearing just enough to screw, vypressovyvaniem it is not necessary. Try not to damage the boots, otherwise you'll have to change them.

Now that strut is free, you have to turn it to the right or left (depends on which side of the car is working), remove the wheel hub from the constant velocity joint. It needs to fall, it now remains only to remove the inner, which is in the box. What is needed, and a viewing hole, because to do this it is much easier. Pomegranate is extracted with a crowbar.

Setting the grenades and precautions

Together with constant velocity joints it is necessary to change the anthers. Even if the old one was in satisfactory condition, it is better to replace a new one for reliability. You also need to put new hose clamps. Never remove both the inner grenades out of the box. If you take all of them so undermines the position of the differential mechanism, which will lead to the impossibility of installing CV joints.

First remove one grenade in its place install plug. Perfect old inner CV joint. And only after installing the plug, remove the second grenade. In General, the installation of garnet occurs in the reverse order of disassembly. Do not forget to securely tighten all threaded connections. And also change the rings that are used to attach the shafts.

Advice 3: How to change the grip on VAZ 21099

Independent clutch replacement seems to many a difficult task that can be solved only in the service station. However, if you have some experience of auto repair and a good set of tools it is possible to do on their own.
How to change the grip on VAZ 21099
A replacement clutch is best done on a lift, but if there is none, you can do a flyover or a viewing hole. If you use the latter, for convenience, the front of the car you need to hang on stands. Remove front wheels, disconnect the "minus" of the battery and the car can be considered prepared.

Removing the clutch-VAZ 21099

Armed with a key on "17" and Unscrew from the bracket located on the transmission, clutch cable and hands Unscrew the speedometer cable. Disconnect the ground from the transmission. Next, Unscrew nuts of fastening of stretch marks to the levers and move the stretch to the side. Now we need to remove the thumb from the bending lever: this will pull out the cotter pin, remove the nut. Unscrew a few bolts, disconnect the joint and the steering knuckle.

Take a tire lever and squeeze the tip of the CV joint (inner), plug the resulting hole in the CAT to spilled oil. You can now go to the clutch housing, which will require to remove the protection, mounted on the three bolts. Install the stand under the engine box that they could post (use the winch, if there is one) and loosen the nuts of fastening of the power unit. Next remove the 3 bolts, 1 nut, through which is mounted a box and pull it out horizontally - it should be done carefully so as not to damage the petals clutch, so it's best to invite assistant.

Immediately check the operation releaser: if when turning you hear a rattle or loose part in the clip, the part must be replaced. Now you will need a mandrel that simulates the transaxle input shaft (you can use the old shaft). Insert it so that the clutch disc fell out when removing the basket. Tighten with a flat head screwdriver powerful drive plate, so it does not rotate, and loosen the bolts of its fastening.

Inspection of the clutch and its installation

Pulling the clutch Assembly, inspect the clutch disc surfaces must not be chipping, scratches, traces of oil. The disk needs to be replaced if the rivets are recessed less than 0.2 mm, which show wear on the lining. May not be broken or loose damper springs. Next, inspect the pressure plate, which should be no cracks, scratches, scoring, and output. In a good disc petals are well fixed and arranged in the same plane.

Reassemble in reverse order. When you install disks, use the mandrel that they are arranged exactly in the center. Clutch to flywheel bolts prikruchivayte alternately, increasing the stress. Then pull out the locking pin and grease the shaft splines of the box insert which is better with the assistant.

Advice 4: What to do if not turn on the fan on VAZ 21099

If your "ninety-ninth" is heated and begins to boil, check the electric circuit of the engine cooling fan may that's all it is. To understand it will not be difficult.
The cooling system allows the engine to operate stably

VAZ 21099

To fix domestic VAZ 21099 does not need to be a qualified mechanic. The Russian vehicles have always been easy to operate and maintain.

VAZ 21099 belongs to the family Lada "Sputnik". It was serially produced at the Volga automobile plant from 1990 to 2004. These cars were equipped with carburetor engines VAZ 2108 (1.3 l), VAZ 21083 (1.5 l) and injection of VAZ 2111 (1.5 l).

The car does not turn on the cooling fan motor

So, you are faced with a problem in the car can not turn on the cooling fan. In this situation, do not despair, everything is fixable. Your actions will entirely depend on which engine is installed on the VAZ 21099, because carburettor and injection units, the principle of inclusion of the fan is slightly different.

The principle of inclusion of the fan

The fact that the engine VAZ 2108 21083 and the blower motor comes into action thanks to a sensor installed in the right side of the radiator for cooling. Direct activation of the fan occurs when the circuit at a temperature of 99°C. On a car manufactured before 1998, a sensor activates the fan through a special relay 113.3747 located in the mounting block. And in the injection engine VAZ 2111 cooling fan only relay the signal of the control unit.

Troubleshooting on engines VAZ 2108 and VAZ 21083

Thus, to resolve the issue on a carbureted engine, you must first verify the integrity of the fuses in the mounting block. Burnt fuses are easy to see with the naked eye. To a 1998 release, you should check and relay the blower motor. If you find that there is electrical contact between terminals “C” and “b” or no contact between “c” and “d”, the relay needs to be replaced.

Also, do not exclude the possibility of failure of a sensor installed in the car radiator and electric fan. To test their performance, enough to remove contact with the sensor and close together. If the cooling fan is earned – it's all in the sensor, no – the problem lies in the motor of the blower fan.

Check fan switch on the engine VAZ 2111

In that case, if heated injection engine, it should initially check the fuse that protects the electric circuit of the fan, then the accessory relay. Relay the cooling fan can be detected in the cabin on the passenger side under the glove box. Please make sure that the fan motor in a forced mode is triggered.

In addition, the electric fan on the engine VAZ 2111 is activated according to the sensor located on the exhaust pipe of the engine. However, to establish a malfunction of this sensor required the service of computer diagnostics.
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