You will need
  • Tools for car repair, supplies, bulbs, wiring, material for covers.
Decide for yourself what you want to change your "nine" and how much money you are willing to spend on this improvement. In order to make the right decision about improving the car, we must proceed from the purpose for which you purchased the car. If he intended to travel to the country, the improvements should be to increase clearance, suspension upgrades and the installation of the roof rack. If you are young and want to make your plain car a car that will to pay attention, this option is not for you.
Take care about the appearance of your "swallows". Explore paint and draw a conclusion about his condition. If it has minor defects, they can fix the polishing body. If there are minor scratches, they should neatly paint the color of your car. Well, if problems in the body too much, you should do a full body repair and full paint.
Think of anti-corrosion coating. In winter use a very strong chemical that is able to cause irreparable damage to your car. Note that the body of the VAZ 21099 prone to corrosion, so corrosion treatment should be regularly held.
The changes can also relate to and interior of the car. You can do the seat covers yourself, or buy ready. It is not recommended to replace the standard wheel, as the experiments have shown that the standard steering wheel nine less traumatic than its aftermarket counterparts. Make additional lights, but in such a way that it is not blinded eyes. Use soft and neutral tones.
Also replace all filters and consumables for a new one. You can use imported ones, as they are more durable. Fill imported oil. When upgrading a car it is not recommended to use the kits, which are now very much. It's wasted money. Such kits usually degrade dynamics and greatly reduce ground clearance. You can easily damage a body kit when driving a speed bump.