Increasing displacement is done by replacing the crankshaft or through boring (increasing the diameter) of the cylinders. Along with capacity increases and the pull. The method is applicable to virtually any machine, but leads to a fall in engine efficiency and increase fuel consumption.
An increase in the degree of compression is achieved by milling the underside of the cylinder head, install the piston with a convex upper part or a modified camshaft. Allows you to raise the efficiency of the engine, increase power and reduce fuel consumption. On the other hand, after this upgrade, you must use a high-quality gasoline with a higher octane rating.
Chip tuning modifies the program of the electronic control unit, increasing the engine power. When using the chip-tuning all of the constraints (power, speed, revs). Program the chip-tuning, targeted to increase power and torque, neglect environmental friendliness, efficiency and engine life. Program "light" chip-tuning have almost no flaws, but give a small power gain due to the elimination of errors in the serial version of the software.
To reduce the flow resistance of incoming air can installation of the air filter of zero resistance, the alteration of the throttle body, boring and polishing the inlet manifold, replacement of valves per valves with enlarged diameter and a bore of the air ducts. Besides the relative high cost of process, and weak effect of increasing the power has no weaknesses.
Reducing the flow resistance of the exhaust gas is achieved by installing a special exhaust system with larger diameter pipes and outlet manifolds with a minimum number of bends.
The installation of the turbo (compressor) on the car can increase the amount of combustible in the cylinders of the fuel mixture by supplying it under increased pressure. Very effective and common means of tuning the car: many car manufacturers started manufacturing compressors and turbines for their models. Disadvantages: loss of resource, especially on engines not originally designed for installation of the supercharger (compressor). In addition, a turbocharged engine is more demanding on the quality of fuel and oil has increased fuel consumption.
Install the intercooler – aftercooler the supply air. The cooled air is compressed, which allows you to submit to the cylinders with a higher amount of air in the fuel mixture. Set in a pair of turbocharged and complements it, enhancing the positive effect of the application.
Relief weight of moving parts of the engine leads to an increase in capacity by reducing energy losses to the actuated parts of the motor. For that pistons, connecting rods and valves are changed to the same, made of a light alloy.