What to gargle with angina

Angina – an infectious disease accompanied by inflammation of the tonsils and pus. The condition is accompanied by pain when swallowing, dryness, burning, tickling. To relieve these symptoms, it is necessary,in addition to taking prescribed drugs regularly to resort to rinsing. In order to prepare a healing broth, combine calendula, chamomile and eucalyptus in equal proportions. Take one tablespoon of the resulting collection you have and pour a glass of boiling water. Wait until the tool has cooled, strain it and gargle every half hour. If you wish to collect you can also add eucalyptus.

To prepare the gargle, which will help with the flu, you can mix equal quantities of wormwood, calendula, and plantain. Spoon collection should also pour a glass of boiling water and drain. Due to the presence of wormwood decoction will have a bitter taste.

If you can't boast of a variety of herbs in my first aid kit, use chamomile. It is an excellent antiseptic, and if you are prepared with this plant yourself, can be purchased at the pharmacy. A tablespoon of chamomile should also pour a glass of boiling water and let it infuse for half an hour. After this time the broth should drain, after which the medication you use.

Gargle in laryngitis and pharyngitis

Laryngitis and pharyngitis is the inflammation in the case of the larynx, in the second of the soft palate. They are accompanied by pain when swallowing and at rest, dryness, scratchy. Laryngitis is observed osiplosti, and in some cases can completely disappear. To alleviate their condition, prepare the rinse by mixing sage, oak bark, plantain, fennel fruit and rhizomes of tormentil in equal proportions. Take two tablespoons of vegetable raw materials, pour 0.5 liters of water and insist day. Once the tool is ready, rinse their throats three times a day.

It is good to gargle with the decoction. A teaspoon of vegetable raw materials pour a glass of boiling water and leave for 10 minutes. After that, strain the broth, add a teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey, stir and gargle four times a day.

Sore throat laryngitis and pharyngitis helps raspberry. Take two tablespoons of dry leaves of the plant and pour them a glass of boiling water. Steep the decoction for ten minutes, then cool and strain. Gargle raspberries should be four times a day.