If the mucous membrane of the pharynx is inflamed, and formed ulcers, the cause of this is streptococcal sore throat or mononucleosis.
There are several common ways of treating sore throat.
It is necessary to restore normal breathing through the nose. If he laid down, the person starts breathing through the mouth and this can result in drying and irritation of the throat. When the swelling subsides in the nasal mucosa, and then will be inflammation in the throat.
Particular importance should be given to humidification. It is best to install a humidifier in the room, especially during the heating season.
You need to drink liquids. If throat pain is present, you need to take more carbonated water.
Gargle sore throat salt solutions well relieve pain.
You need to stop Smoking.
The room where the patient, often need to be aired. Well if the room has plants. They are able to absorb toxic substances.
Medication and phytotherapy throat
Today, there are many pharmaceutical drugs that relieve pain and have a mitigating effect on the mucous membranes of the throat. You can take medication containing phenol, they will kill pathogens and reduce pain.Some doctors prescribe the patient overlying and emollients of plant origin. They are able to calm & soothe inflammation in the throat. For example, the drug from the bark of the slippery elm softens fine mucous sore throat. When sore throat helps relieve pain tea from a decoction of marshmallow root and honey.
If we are talking about the treatment of the child, it is best not to give aspirin. As if the throat the child got infected as a result of the flu, chicken pox or other diseases accompanied by fever, aspirin can cause a dangerous neurological disease – Reye's syndrome. Can severe pain can take ibuprofen or acetaminophen drugs.
In the inflammatory process in the throat, it is mandatory to see a doctor. Because, if the inflammation is caused by a viral infection, the doctor will prescribe to pass the necessary tests to identify the causative agent.
Very carefully you need to approach treatment with antibiotics. You should not take antibiotics ampicillino for sore throat. To prescribe the drug for the treatment of bacterial infections need a doctor after viewing the test results.