You will need
  • - turbine – 1 set,
  • - a set of plumbing tools.
Options of tuning the motor, there are many. So suggest to study the question of speeding up the engine on the example of installation of the turbine low pressure in the injector motor model number VAZ.
This tuning allows the installation of the specified equipment, leaving unchanged: cylinder block, crank and camshaft. But the head of the cylinder block will need to be replaced. In this case you will need cylinder head with larger combustion chambers. This is due to the fact that a turbo engine compared to a conventional motor is reduced the compression in the working cylinder.
In the process of assembling the turbine on the engine modifications being the exhaust system. All the necessary details for such upgrades should be included in the package. In cases where the manufacturer took care of facilitating tuning, procedure alterations much easier.
The most expensive part of tuning the motor – the low-pressure turbine, the choice of which depends entirely on the planned budget for these purposes. On motor cars of family VAZ turbine is installed between the host pipe and the exhaust manifold, over drive the right front wheel. Thereto two air ducts: one is connected with the air filter and the other a receiver.