You will need
  • - set of automotive tool;
  • - new gaskets;
Bring a good set of automotive tools and sufficient time – the removal and disassembly of the turbine for the time it takes a lot of time. If the skills of the trade are not available, assistant with practical experience in this matter. Disconnect the battery by removing the wires from its terminals. Drain the engine coolant and engine oil. Take off all the parts that hinder the access to the turbine.
Remove the turbine from the exhaust manifold. To do this, first remove the air hose going from it to the air filter and intercooler. If you have the car of the modulator exhaust, disconnect the vacuum switch directly before removing the hose of the exhaust manifold. Then remove the protective cover , disconnect the vent pipe/drain oil and coolant, remove the fixing nuts from the manifold and exhaust pipe. Then it will be possible to extract the turbine from the engine compartment, if this will not interfere with other parts. Some models of turbines easier to remove together with exhaust manifold. To do this, Unscrew all bolts of its fastening and remove a turbo manifold from the bottom of an inspection pit.
Wash and clean the dirt from the turbine housing. Alcohol marker note the relative position of parts. Disassembly start with the part which receives the exhaust gases. A suitable wrench Unscrew the bolts "snail", then remove the drive thumbwheel traction control device. Then, gently tapping on the body "snails" with a wooden hammer, remove it.
Inspect the internal cavity of the adjustment ring. The soot on the surface soak for an hour in diesel fuel and then clean it using compressed air. After removing the "snail" will open access to "hot" impeller. To remove it loosen the threads on the shaft it in a counterclockwise direction. For convenience, the clamp end of the shaft from the hot parts in a vise. It is designed as a slotted nut. In exactly the same way remove the "cold" impeller. The shafts of the two impellers remove with light blows of a hammer. The shaft seal in the form of spring rings clean from coke, soot and grime. These rings have a protective washer – don't forget to put them on during Assembly.
When you build and install turbines install a new gasket between the turbine and the exhaust manifold. All the connections put on a quality sealant. Try not to overdo it, as the pressure in the turbine to squeeze out excess sealant in the oil passages leading to oil starvation of the unit. Note nut housings – they must be wrapped with a certain torque, and then dovorachivat to align the labels.