You will need
  • Passport
  • Photos
  • The power of attorney
If you are working, in case of loss, you must apply to your supervisor. He or the Manager/ accountant of the organization to provide a sample application for issuance of duplicates.
How to recover pension <strong>identity</strong>
You need to assure the attorney for the employee, which deals with deduction in PF and works with him about what you are asking it to deal with your documents and submit your interests in the pension Fund. You also need to make 4 photos 3*4 cm
Officer with your passport, statement and power of attorney should come to the pension Fund. There in the database will find your pension IDnumber and all information about your pension and make a duplicate.
If you are retired and don't work, then you need to come to the pension Fund on your place of residence. You need to have a passport and 4 photos 3*4 cm, There you will be given a sample application and for your passport, you will find the certificate number, all the information on it and issue a duplicate.