First, a certificate of insurance for you personally is the guarantee of the state that your funds are on the account, your pension savings are taken into account. Of course, this accounting must be officially registered in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Having certificate and passport, you are entitled to control and your savings account.

Secondly, the insurance certificate, issued in the form of a plastic card of green color, it contains personal information including the insurance number of individual personal account - SNILS. The latter is required by the employer, as this account of your organization (or yourself, if you are a self-employed person) shall make payments, pay the dues. These contributions represent the insurance part, which will become the basis for pension calculation.

Your testimony is your insurance for the period of retirement. In Russia, insurance is compulsory and is based on the payment of contributions. Ie the pension is not welfare, it is compensation by the state for lost earnings, because you are no longer able to work.

Plastic card is a document that focuses on the future of any citizen of the Russian Federation. Today the policy of the Pension Fund aims to instill in every person the idea of having to self-provision their savings. Today you have plenty of opportunities to influence the size of future pension.

This independent management of pension savings, and the selection of a non-state Fund or the management company. Thus, you can influence the funded part of pension, investing available funds. Can also manage your investments yourself, or entrust the management to the specialists and receive in addition a percentage of turnover capital. In addition, the state has developed a Program of co-financing of voluntary contributions.