You will need
  • Passport;
  • Employment history;
  • Certificate of insurance;
  • A certificate of marriage;
  • Birth certificate of children;
  • Certificate of employment (if you work);
  • The document on education.
First you need to collect the necessary documents and make photocopies from them. These documents are necessary as they reflect all the necessary information about you. The passport confirms your identity, employment history – work experience, a certificate of insurance automatically means you have retirement accounts, etc. Make them in advance, as in all branches of the Pension Fund has the opportunity to photocopy your documents. Copies must be clear and legible, they should be easy to read all information. Otherwise, they may not accept or redeem them incorrect information.
Then you need to contact the Pension Fund branch in your area. List of offices are easy to find on the website of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Visiting days for individuals – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There you will take photocopies of documents and will fill out the questionnaire. Fill in the neat, legible handwriting, preferably in block letters. Take your time form with the amendments, corrections and unreadable text can not accept and you have to fill it again, and then again to wait their turn.
After you will take the documents and application form, you appoint a day when to come for ready identification. Depending on the work load of the office work will have to wait up to a month.
When getting ready a pension certificate, you will need to show the employee pension Fund of a document confirming your identity – passport. So don't forget it at home, otherwise you will not get what you came for.
Getting ready a certificate, be sure to immediately check it for errors. Such cases are, unfortunately, very frequent. If you are outraged about the errors immediately, you can immediately order a new, corrected certificate. Otherwise, you would have to apply and wait.