You will need
  • - passport;
  • - a completed application form;
  • - application for issuance of duplicate social security number;
  • - statement on the exchange of SNILS.
Usually the social security number is issued to the first employer. It is in the contract with the employee transmits its data to the FIU, where he later receives a social security number. In this case, the citizen did not need to take. The employer himself is giving him SNILS.
Often the need to register independently arises from ex-military, homemakers, and those who works "on" (entrepreneurs, lawyers, notaries). Sometimes the employer requires a social security number when applying for a job. For self-registration SNILS consult with the regional office of the Fund. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire, which contains passport data. You must have a passport.
If you want to issue a social security number for your child, then you must contact the FIU with your passport and birth certificate. SNILS for a child can be issued at any time, not necessarily to do it immediately after birth. Children older than 14 years who have their own passport, you can apply to FIU themselves.
Social security number is assigned to the citizen for life. In case of loss of card, it is always possible to restore. The room itself will not change. To restore the certificate, you can contact the human resources Department of the company or to the pension Fund with the statement for issue of the duplicate.
By changing the names (and therefore passport) social security number must be replaced. For this it is necessary to address in PFR with the statement about the exchange of SNILS, it is necessary to attach previous certificate. In the future, you will be issued a new social security number with the same number, but changed the name.
Russians are often interested in whether you can obtain a social security number via the Internet (e.g., using the capabilities of the portal Unfortunately, this possibility is not currently implemented. Application form for social security number should be verified by personal signature and registration of an application requires the personal presence of the citizen.